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  1. Interesting stuff indeed. I never eat breakfast, tho eat at mid-morning, then dinner. And that seems enough most days. Knew a Rasta guy some time ago who said 'giz is bad for you, man!' I think what he was really saying was that it diverted his life energy away from other activities, tho I always felt differently about that myself. I really don't meditate per se, but do try and spend some time in a quiet, peaceful environment to get myself more centered. I feel that solutions are developed on some sort of subconscious level though I am not intentionally thinking of anything. Interesting article- thanks for sharing that. Triad
  2. I had noticed the same issue with the eject button on my Mac- I always thought it was a hardware issue. An undocumented feature? Glad that I finally read this somewhere and was educated to the fact that it's just a Mac thing. I like my PC too, but how fast the CD or DVD ejects never interferes with what platform I am using as long as I can get my work done. In the time I have been around this board I have thankfully not seen many flamers here. Most folks come with a sense of humor. Some not. Oh well. Cheers Triad
  3. Man that's pretty wild stuff! Certainly worthy of forwarding
  4. Man sorry to hear your main disk went bad. I had some bad experiences when I upgraded to OS-X way back, so I reinstalled the OS on my scratch disk partition. It turned my main drive into just another drive (instead of boot drive). One alternative if no one has mentioned it before- go out and get another hard drive that will suit your rig. Install OSX on your new drive, access the old drive and move your data over. Don't know if that will help but would like to think some of the junk I had to noodle out could help someone. Good luck Triad
  5. That's sooo cute! Very glad it DIDN't end the way some vids do - with something shocking and all. Forwarding it on as "Strange and Cute!" Thanks for the link. Cheers Triad
  6. I used Steinberg's CuBase SE for years for audio projects. Had the opportunity to do a sound track in it for a video. CuBase will let you have folder tracks that you can nest audition tracks into. I think that's a pretty cook feature if you have lots of tracks to keep organized. Also it is VST plugin compatible whcih ads a lot of flexbility IMHO.
  7. Interesting info Avail. Generally I have found a lot of downward price pressure on wages in the last few years. Ten years ago I feel that it was easier to make more money then. But like was said I also feel that the descriptions are a bit too vague- as like in proof they were trying to generalize something they hadn't had direct exposure to. Where's the description saying that they have to be able to cook Cheers Triad
  8. I had an issue getting ASF into AE: I used WinDohs Movie Maker to change it to AVI. If you have a PC with XP, you got it.
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    Cool in a Grande sort of way Thanks
  10. Yeah sell it and make some bucks- or make it a file server- tho it seems pretty new to put out to pasture. If it weren't for the switch to Intel, it'd be worth more IMO. I know I'd feel fortunate of someone gave me a rig like that
  11. OMG.... I don't know how many times I had THAT discussion- either with die-hard Mac or WinDohs aficionados! Yeah like I think has already been said: they both have their issues. But the intrusiveness of Vista is making me want to stave off the 'shock of the new' as LOOOONNNGGG as possible As I had previously posted, the best of both worlds, is well- both worlds. Like Sao had replied to my post before- 'which ever runs my Adobe apps better.' Cheers Triad
  12. Vista will be (or, continue to be depending on your perspective,) a nightmare. Any WinDohs OS has been that I can remember when it was new. I will leave it for the early adopters to sort it all out (no disrespect intended) then maybe jump in once the dust has settled. My dream machine now: Mac Pro/4gb RAM/2 TB storage/512mb ATI video card/Triple boot: Mac OS-X/Win XP Pro/Linux= true freedom of choice! :H
  13. HEY I was at a place like that once (Kidding) Amusing stuff
  14. Triad773

    How old are you?

    Geez do I feel old 44 yrs old drawing and images since I could hold a pencil (or camera) Professional graphic design over 10 years MoGraph 8 years in various guises (gif animations, some Flash, Machinima) Real MoGraph (Premier/AE) 6 months
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    Glad every thing's back to regularity. DEATH TO SPAMMERS
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    Thanks Sao- manual membership activation may be an answer but I know it creates a ton more work for Admins/Mods. Know its not an easy job- so thanks to you and the team Regards Triad
  17. I have a G4 1GHZ Apple and a Pentium D Windows rig I use for various things and Quicktime has definitely become a bloatmiester. My daughter got a little iPod for Christmas- until then I hadn't had any reason to learn about it. I wasn't very impressed having to play technician for over an hour until she could get her bloody library in order. As has even just Adobe Reader (become bloatware) Is it some law of economics (like that of Inertia in physics) that all successful companies befall the same fate as Winblows? (i.e., they try to do everything for everyone, and end up doing nothing very well?) Would love to hear what others think on that point. Triad
  18. AH- I see Adobe's support regarding licenses is troublesome for others as well! I had tried for about two weeks off and on to just find out about a cross-grade. Could never seem to get anyone on the phone, and the email responses were cryptic and as clear as mud! Had anyone else here ever done any cross platform upgrade? If so how in the world did it work?
  19. If I could delete posts I'd have something for the previous poster alright
  20. Yeah I myself am struggling a bit with greenscreening and such now. I am also a n00b, but the legs look a bit jaggy- if I were you I'd focus on keying out some of that or do a mask of some sort. But my experience so far is that people here are great and they will tell you just what they think and that's great! Regards (and) best of luck- otherwise besides the jaggies looking good (IMHO). Triad
  21. Not sure if this had been posted before Check out http://www.glumbert.com/media/graphicartists
  22. WOW. Never having to clean my mouseball gain or have to deal with a quirky laser mouse again? Very cool
  23. Generally I have found the 'Bible' series from MacWorld/IDG Books pretty useful. The AE one is on my list when ever they get one for version 7. The Photoshop and Illustrator ones I have found very useful and they continue to be reference. But yeah- there are unfortunately MANY books out there that qualify as door stop material.
  24. Thanks DrNz - also figured out I had a resolution mismatch between projects- small but enough to add chaos . Cheers Triad
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