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  1. @Aaron, PM Me. Van is not high on the list for a mograph career move, but there's power in numbers
  2. thanks froj, at first I thought my grammar was the first casualty of my anger explosion de force
  3. **** YOU! YOU'RE A ******* IDIOT! (mograph, thanks for being my punching bag)
  4. TRUE and you can do the same with alt+right click but it's not a keyboard shortcut in the strictest sense (keyboard plus mouse) AND it doesn't zoom in on the play head, which leaves you panning back and forth to get where you want.
  5. Does anybody know what the keyboard shortcut to zoom in on the C4D animation timeline? I have search hi and lo, the command manager, help, creative cow, google internetz... I did find a R8 or R9 cheat sheet that said +/- would do it a la AE which would make sense but it doesn't(!)
  6. iceman

    New Music

    I played my Appetite For Destruction tape in my mammoth yellow walkman until it broke. I want this to be good, it will not be: Chinese Democracy Get your free Dr. Pepper!
  7. iceman


    you are correct sir! HAW!!
  8. If you're a beginner, the lynda.com C4D stuff is reasonably priced. cmiVFX is reasonable too, just a little more advanced (too bad the streaming speed is usually disappointing...but if you ask they will send you downloadable QT's).
  9. sum-sum-suma-sum I murder.
  10. How do you get an object to reflect onto another object without it actually appearing in the render? (yes, I could dig around for an hour in the manual, but I'm in a big fat hurry)
  11. poop, we're only going to be there Friday to Tuesday.
  12. couldn't agree more. Our Aja ioHD is about to arrive...3 MONTHS LATE! I'm not sure if that Magic Bullet installer is beta or what.
  13. http://toolfarm.com/phorumNew5/read.php?14,4389
  14. ok, so inform the rendering engine noob in me (so I can then explain to my boss why we should buy it) How does Vray compare to C4D's AR? Will vray solve all of the annoyances I have with AR?
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