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  1. BoCa


    Totally man, this is outrageous! I'm impressed how often these "contests" are popping up nowadays, and it disappoints me since all they do is jeopardize the business and exploit our fellow mographers. Shame on you FOX sports, Radar Festival and those other BS contests!
  2. Hey guys, it's not CSS as in the html sense... It's a brazilian band called Cansei de Ser Sexy (or I'm Tired of Being Sexy in english) they use CSS because nobody can really say their name outside orazil, and it's a pretty long name too... They're pretty big in the Uk and the undergorund/indie rock scene in Europe. I tought the video was horrible, funny though... but if you knew the band ( I actually went to school with the guitar player) you would know they r exactly like that, "I'm too cool for a decent music video", sort of thing... Anyways, just a little info... Cheers Boca
  3. Holly S#$%!!! Awesome work dude, I love the "Hard Reel" "Nice Reel" idea, clever... Going straight to the "inspiration" bookmark folder! Keep it up! Cheers Boca
  4. BoCa


    Thanks for the hints Jon. In my macbook pro the site works fine and it loads fine too, the swif is a little big because it loads everything at once. I tryed loading it at my friend's PC and it worked fine too, your connection speed might be a little slow, I guess I'm a spoiled with a really fast connection. I googled the error message that you got and i found out that it can happen if your internet connection is running slow or if you have an older version of flash player, you could try updating the flash player. If that doesn't work let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it... Cheers man! Boca
  5. BoCa


    Hey mographers, how's it going? It's been a while since I last logged in mograph.net, I certainly have been missing out on a lot of sweet stuff!! I just finished my website and thought I'd put it out there for you all to devour, love it or tear it apart! So here it is: bocamotion.tv It's all yours! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Cheers Boca
  6. Awesome website and awesome work! Love the whole "world" and symbols for the navigation. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the navigation on the top left corner of the flvs. Minor though... Anyways, two thumbs up! Cheers! Boca
  7. BoCa

    Lick my lollipop

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwhhhh SHIT! Lick that Lollipop! POP POP POP POP POP POP POP POP... ahhaahahah that's hot... Gonna get my ice cream now...
  8. BoCa

    Peter Callesen

    ahhaahahahhahaa awesome artist, amazing comments! cheers BoCa
  9. BoCa


    Sweet dude, very nice.... Cheers BoCa p.s: some kick ass t-shirt designs you have there my friend, congrats
  10. BoCa


    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback, i really apreciate that! Javier, I agree with you on the camera movements, they could be a little slower on the first half, i didn't really get what you said about the colour pallette on the second half though, they're basically the same, black & white, shades of grey and orange, you can notice that in the end, when you can see the press and the poster with all of the comps, we decided to use that colour pallette to reference the early days of print design, when that shade of orange was used quite a bit and also to make the piece cleaner and legible (forgive me Carson fans, I'm a big fan as well...). About the gothic and black letter typefaces that we used on the first half I think that they work well, anyways, it was a design choice, I really appreciate that thoug, cheers. Drj, thanks for your opinion too. I appreciate your opinion very much, I don't think that just because a particular typeface was used in a Paris Hilton tv show that it should be desregarded though, I think that rosewood is a very pleasing wood cut typeface and eventhough it's been vastly used I believe it still works, you could pretty much say the same thing about garamond or futura or even helvetica, they've all been used on both beautifulll and awefull projects, once again it was a design choice so there's always going to be some discussion and different opinions about that. The effect on the anatomy was done on 3dmax and then matched on after effects, the modifier on 3dsmax is called mesh bomb, it's a sweet modifier but it's kinda hard to control and to get the results you want. i hope that helps. By the way, I watched your reel and it looks pretty cool, well done. Cheers Djr! SermonOfMockery, cheers to you too my friend. I totally get what you mean about the textures or that something else, I don't know if you noticed it but there's a subtle "old paper" texture overlaying the whole piece, we decided to leave it like that because we thought that it would make it cleaner and more legible, I guess we could've pushed it a little bit further though... Thans for the kind words. Thanks a lot guys, I can't wait to post some more new stuff... Feedback, good or bad, is always good and constructive. Cheers BoCa
  11. BoCa


    Hey guys, how's it going? This is a student project done by Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) and Ryan Uhrich for the term 4 Motion Design Class in the Digital Design Program at VFS (Vancouver Film School). It is called Typographics, it is an informative motion graphics piece on typography. Our objective was to use type as the main aestheic and design element to create awareness about the evolution and main characteristics of typography. Both the music and voice over used in the piece make reference to 1950's TV and Radio advertising. We are targeting designers and non designers who have an interest in typography and want to learn more about it. here's the link to it: TYPOGRAPHICS some feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot. All the best Boca
  12. Hey... Yeah, now I know EXACTLY what you mean, hahaha, that's happend to me at least a dozen times... But I guess that's the way things are, most of the time you won't be doing work that you love doing or are amazed by how good the art direction is (at least that's how it was when I was back in Brazil and even when I worked with print design...), you'll pretty much just do it to pay the bills or to please the client because some(a lot of)times the client has no knowledge of design (or even good taste...) what so ever and eventhough you're trying to do something that looks good and has good concept and art direction behind it, the client just wants something "crappy" that looks just like something he saw on tv the other day... I know what I just wrote is a bit extreme but I take that from my own personal experience (please correct me if I'm wrong guys...) and that's happened to me a few times already... Anyways, thanks for the great links and suggestions guys... I found lots of good references and have just started drawing the storyboard for the piece, I'll post the final piece here when I'm done so you guys can give me some feedback. I'm looking forward to that. Cheers! BoCa
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean, I've been there a couple of times... But this is not the case though, I want to use the typography as the main aesthetic, not just as title. The main idea is to use typography as the "tool" to build the designs; say I have a illustration of a man's profile, the letters would be the stroke and the fill of that profile, do you get the picture or am I being to confusing? Sorry man, it's kinda hard to explain... I'm not too fond of the AE text presets unless you tweak them in a way that you can't tell that it's not a preset anymore, I find them a little cheesy... Thanks. BoCa p.s: By the way, there's some good stuff in your website, congrats!
  14. Hey George. Thanks a lot man, those two spots are amazing, i had already seen the mk12's brazil spot but had forgot about it (pretty lame since I'm from Brazil and work in the mograph industry... ). Cheers... BoCa p.s: I'll look up the searches, I just registered to mograph so I'm still getting used to it...
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