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  1. is there a 24p preset comp because I dont see one on my AE.. would I just change the frame rate to 24 from the DVCPRO HD 25 preset?
  2. When setting up an After Effects Composition for footage that was shot 1080i 24PN via the HVX 200, what composition preset should I use to interpret the footage correctly? I've narrowed the presets list to the DVCPRO HD 1080 25 setup, or the DVCPRO HD 1080 30... Neither of which are 24 frame,.. is this just NOT a custom preset built into AE CS4? do I have to alter a few things? Thanks! any advice would help! Andrew
  3. I made a real simple intro animation with AE and I outputted in with the Animation codec millions of colors +. Its just one static graphic so I know its not to complex, but when I put it in my FCP timeline its super pixelated? I tried exporting it as dv ntsc codec, which made the graphic real crisp but it was totally off sync to the music in FCP? theres no way I can set my FCP timeline up for animation...im working with dv ntsc 720x480 footage... any suggestions? Thanks a lot A.
  4. I am saving a circle in Illustrator, when I import it in final cut pro it makes it oblong? does anyone know how to keep the proportions when I import it.... Thanks A.
  5. What I have done is created a custom size composition, and I want to export it so that it retains its custom size and proportions does anybody know how to do this? Thanks A.
  6. Im trying to import a layered comp into AE CS3, but with each individual layer the bounding box is the size of the comp? so when I scale or rotate images they all have a huge unnecessary bounding box? is there a way to preserve each individual bounding box for each specific graphic? Thanks A.
  7. Thanks That fixed the problem, that seems real weird though?? is this how everyone does this, It seems like one of the most minute functions for this program to execute yet it has a problem?
  8. I just got a new Mac Pro at work and AE CS3 as well as Ai CS3, I have went through and updated the system so that is all up to date, I also updated the Adobe applications to the most recent updates as well as tried saving the layered comp from Illustrator file as earlier versions all the way down to v 9 and nothing has worked. Iv been out of the After Effects loop for a bit..(the last one I worked on was AE 6.5.). Was there a crucial update I missed that someone would know where to find? What happens is when I import the file as a composition AE just prompts an error that reads, " After Effects error: There was an error processing this PDF document. (1074397201)" Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks Andrew.
  9. I found out that the way it was shot was actually SD, so I should have my easy setup to 720x480 Ntsc right?
  10. I have a Sony HDR-HC7 consumer HDV camcorder and final cut express HD 3.1. The problem Im having is after I log the footage, it appears to be good in the viewer when I scrub through it. But once I put it into the timeline and view it in the canvas - it is only taking up nearly a quarter of the space, and its centered. I made sure the content was fit to fill in the canvas so I know its not that, and also I have to render the footage every time I place a new clip into the timeline? Iv never dealt with HDV, does anyone know the ideal way to set up FCP for it? Thanks. A.
  11. so I've read when making something for broadcast resolution to start in a 720x540 square pixel comp, and when you go to render - throw it into a 720x486 comp and add feilds, usually lower feilds... so my question is what is the benifit of of starting in a 720x540 comp and how do you add feilds?
  12. cool Ill give that a shot, right after I wrote that I found out you can just copy the path in Ill and past it in AE! Thanks for the tip though, ill have to give it a try.
  13. What I'm trying to do is make a grid of different video footage, like 4x4 type of deal. I want to overlay a square with rounded edges over each video in the square so that they just have rounded edges. I know how to do this in Illustrator, but I dont have a clue how to output that so it would work like a matte in AE. Is there a way to achieve this in AE?
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