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  1. thanks for the replies! already figured out another solution using random effector before plain eff. just set weight transform to 100%, everything else disabled. now i'm just animating the falloff weight of the plain effector from +100 till -100. that seems to do the trick cheers, markus
  2. hello! just a quick question about the cloner set to object mode. this works as it should, clones are arranged on the vertex of a sphere. now i have a plain effector, transform mode: absolute / transform space: effector - moving the position of all clones to 0/0/0. now i want them to move back in position (vertexes of cloned sphere) - so i animated the strength of the plain effector to zero, that works fine of course. but what i want is that they get to their original position randomly, step by step. i played around with weight transform and random effector - still no luck any advice? thank you! markus here's the file with the basic setup: http://eatmydear.at/download/general/cloner_randomsteps.c4d
  3. this seems to be quite a cool piece of software for photorealistic landscape rendering and it's for both platforms. http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/tg2/tg2tp/index.html
  4. here's another one from adobe: http://kuler.adobe.com/
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