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  1. I like to think that I'm savvy on the technical side. I also have a ton of ideas that are constantly floating around. I also have decent design skills, and everything I do is solid, and clients are happy - and I really do try to push myself on every project. What I lack is the extremely artistic side of things. Maybe it's because most of what I have done is design and info-motion graphics with generally conservative clients (corporations) or maybe I just don't have an eye for it (I really don't "get" a lot of art, as a matter of fact I hate a lot of art - but also love a lot of art as well, but only stuff that makes sense to me). I grew up equally good at math and logic, as at art and science. So I guess I'm not a "right-brainer". My difficult time is bringing artistic brilliance to my work. Stuff that just makes yours eyes have orgasms - while keeping actual original and clear messaging.
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I need to start using the plain effector a lot more...
  3. Maybe it is really simple and I'm just slow.... I'm cloning planes with a radial cloner, and trying to use an inheritance effector to have them scale in succession on their y axis from their own anchor points. I'm not sure if I am missing a checkbox, or something, but they scale in relation to the cloner's anchor point (they all squish in relation to the cloner's anchor point, rather than the individual clones scaling radially outward.) Ben
  4. Anyone know of an expression that can control delay of a repeater? I have a 100 or so rectangles that I need to slide into the frame at a staggered rate. Easily accomplished in mograph, but I am trying to keep this all in After Effects. In the promo for "Waiting for Superman, there are all sorts of shapes that are staggered with precision control. I'm guessing that they weren't all keyframed, and I am pretty sure a lot of the movement wasn't done in 3D. Maybe I'm wrong though. I don't even know where to begin to try and write this type of expression. Ben
  5. I've for some reason been tasked with editing a video that will solely consist of stock clips. I've been given a lot of stock photos and pictures as well as sourcing a lot of clips that have to do with the subject of the video and that goes with parts of the script, but I am kinda stuck at the moment because I can't seem to get a clear vision of how I'm gonna make all these different clips work together with a style. The video is about teens and rules of driver licencing. Does anyone know of any good videos that have been created entirely from stock video and pictures? Videos that don't worry about continuity and scene setup and all the regular stuff that goes into editing a shot video? I've taken a lot of programs from start to finish using graphics and animation, as well as edited video that was specifically shot, but I've never really edited a whole piece together using stock. Ben
  6. Wow Binky. Thanks for the shit ton of inspirado! I guess it's one of those things that comes with inexperience (I hope). Sometimes when I have a vision in my head about how something goes, it ends up not working the way I pictured, and doesn't look quite right. So I'm just a little nervous sending out something that I haven't ensured (to myself) that will work. But you are absolutely right. "if you just really have to do that motion test, do it, but remember that you're doing it because you've failed elsewhere to convey ideas that would lead the animator to do a great job of it." Thanks for the wise words. -Ben
  7. Ha ha! I've dealt a lot with getting handed storyboards with instructions like (this frame somehow leads to this frame, not sure what kind of transition but you're the motion guy you'll figure it out.) So I'm trying not to do the same thing to someone else. I think I am too considerate for this industry -Ben
  8. So a client of mine has asked me to do show some opener storyboards. Chances are the actual design/animation will be done by another company (in another city). I've never really done storyboards for other animators, only my own projects. My question is, how do I make sure that what I storyboard is animatable by another company. Usually for myself, I create little test animations to make sure the storyboards the client sees will translate to the expected animation. I find it difficult to draw up storyboards when I'm not the one that will be making them into motion (only because I've never done it). On a side note. Someone else designed the actual show title logo. It is awful. If I were showing actual motion to the client, it would come across a lot nicer than a few still frames. Not a big deal I guess, but since I have so little to work with and a mandate to keep it simple, I don't feel comfortable with the delivery. (And I think my client designed the title, so I can outright say that it doesn't work that well.) Maybe I'm just overthinking everything.... -Ben
  9. Nice looking scenic. Very nice. Did you actually use the hair renderer for the grass? I've never been able to get my grass looking that nice with hair (for a closeup).
  10. I was just curious if anyone knew if there is a list somewhere that says which content browser objects are good to use for commercial purposes. I need to do some quick city scenes, and would like to use some of the buildings and street objects for some backgrounds.
  11. In the GSG AT&T tutorial (at least part II, the only part I watched) it sounds to me like Nick may be diggin into the nose candy. I have seen many musicians and designers alike fall hard from this, and I sincerely hope I'm not right. -Ben
  12. You have some really great stuff. Really great. The music annoys the crap out of me though, to the point that it makes the edit / edit effects to annoy me as well. Music, however, is subjective, so maybe this is plain sweet to some. -Ben
  13. Your 3D stuff looks great. The problem I am having is the fact that I am getting no actual design concepts. It all looks like a bunch of nicely rendered ....nothing. I need some meat...not all yummy candy coated shell..... But what the fuck do I know? -Ben
  14. Heh...yeah I decided that the 8GB it came with was too much so I downgraded to an 8 MB simm It is a pretty decent machine...especially for the $1399 price tag. Keeps up with almost anything I need to do on the road. And at home, or work, makes for a nice little render helper. I haven't overclocked it yet, gonna wait a bit since it voids the warranty. There are better out there, but for the price you really can't go wrong. -Ben
  15. I have an Asus G73 JH Quad-Core (8 thread), with 8 MB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 GFX Card. It's a beast...but it stomps the living crap out of any crappy MacBook PRO.... for half the price... -Ben
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