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  1. Damn .. Automatic mode (default value activated) .. that's why I got no problems
  2. I don't know if I well understand but, in timelime if you click on View > Show Animated ?
  3. Come on man .. I don't ask you to 'create' my reel, I just want some suggestion to start. In this TV Show I produce all graphics and intro.
  4. Hi everybody. I have to produce a showreel of a TV Show (6 parts, local TV) but I need some suggestions to 'build' it. Could you help me ? - where I can find some examples (videos) to inspire myself ? - how much time ? .. and so on .. Thanks !!!
  5. blies


    Thanks for comments. In last two months I produce new works, and you'll find in my homepage. http://www.glbproject.it I plan to modify, in future, layout of my site taking off all Google Adsense and maybe creating a Flash version of all content. What do you think about new works (Techne Group & Punti di Vista - Big City Life) ?? Many thanks for your suggestions !! Bye
  6. blies


    Ok !! Everybody agree that I have to disisntall Shine from my computer :lol: Any other suggestions?
  7. blies


    Thanks for your suggestions. Any other comments ? You may also tell me "IT'S AWFULL!!" but tell me something
  8. blies


    I'm not a pro. I'm just an entusiast that loves video & graphics. So I NEEEEED many many suggestions to grow with your help. Many many thanks !! GLB Project
  9. A baby !?!?!? CONGRATULATIONNNNNNNNNN !!!!!
  10. The time code ! Flash .. my next goal ! Thanks
  11. Hi everybody and sorry for the off topic. Anyone could tell me if there's a way to show the time in an HTML embedded QT mov ??
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