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  1. Hey guys! Alot of awesome work around here! heres my current demoreel, would love some feedback good or bad! ~d!ck smith
  2. I am not sure if I have been just staring at this too long today...but I think I like it backwards... i invite criticism ~dick@outermotion FORWARD BACKWARD
  3. outermotion


    winning! thanks for a real lol.
  4. there was a pic up earlier, and it looked like it was interface from the early nineties edit: yup thats the one
  5. o, the early nineties, sweet
  6. i agree the track is all wrong, maybe some faster cuts and shorten the whole piece. the music works for the intro tho, maybe just cut to a new track after it. overall some really nice work, cheers. _dick
  7. hold up, lemme pull up dictionary.com... and ya i agree. i added stuff to fill up the song, and i should just re-edit the song to be shorter, and take out the 'extra' appreciate the input sir _dick
  8. the band is ratatat, song is Mirando you can DL it here ... http://sadsteve.com/preview.py?id=dc2d4a80...;artist=RATATAT appreciate the input
  9. ya i have been debating it myself...i guess i like the random factor of it:) three strikes and its out...thanks guys _dick
  10. ha! you are the first person to make that connection. i was wondering when someone was gonna say something:)
  11. Hey guys just looking for some feedback on my reel. i am an animator trying to be a designer. all comments welcome. http://www.outermotion.com
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