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  1. Thanks for the help! We've got the funded that was needed. Now the extra funding will help make the animation longer. Excited to get going!
  2. Thanks guys! Much appreciated!!! I'm super excited to get this going. Allllllmost there.
  3. Hi everyone. I've just initiated this project on KickStarter with very unique concept where each frame of the animation will be laser engraved on wood and later each person helping fun the project will get to keep a frame. I would really appreciate if you would not mind spreading the word around as I would really love to get to 2 minutes of animation. At the moment we just have 30 seconds. Thanks! Nando. www.nandocosta.com
  4. "Nando: have you seen this? http://www.thedesignencyclopedia.org/" Hey... no I actually was not aware of this site, but the concept and content of my project would be quite different from this. It's always nice to have more resources though. Great to know that there is something similar out there!
  5. Hello everyone. Back in 1999 I had an idea to create an online resource for designers in general but that ultimately would serve students as a re-search tool. Back then there were very many design portals, I believe K10K was the main one at that time. The project was then named Hungryfordesign (to reflect the eagerness to learn that I found in myself and other your designers back then). My vision for the project did not revolve solely on news though, the intention was to create a space where designers from all different experiences and stages in their careers could collaborate by adding content to a graphic design time-line of some sort. Back then I was unaware of Wikipedia, as a matter of fact it was only created in 2001. Since I did not have any in depth experience in coding websites, and still do not, I ended up using the url ( http://www.hungryfordesign.com ) as my personal website. Time went by and I eventually moved my portfolio to http://www.nandocosta.com so that I could again pursue my ancient goal of getting the project going. Unfortunately the group of programmers that had agreed to helping me with the project no longer have the time to dedicate to it and I have run out of resources since this is an unpaid project. Hopefully, in the future, the ones involved in the project would be able to benefit from some sort of banner placement profit. The advertising on the site would have minimal and also need to be associated with the content, such as design books, software, resources and etc. I've decided to post this here because I know that http://www.mographwiki.net/ came out of a thread here so I was hopping that I would find someone that would be as excited as I am about the potential of this project that they would want to be involved. Ultimately I would need the help of developers to implement basic changes to the structure of a Wiki so it would also function as a calendar. This could actually be done by developing a separate navigation that could be added to the site and help users navigate through the content in various ways. Hope this makes sense, but I wanted to leave it as vague as possible and just see if there would be any interest from you guys. Looking forward to the feedback! Thanks in advance for your interest. Nando Costa.
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