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  1. Here's an example of how the tool works on a complicated mesh... http://i.imgur.com/DcD30iK.jpg?1
  2. I'm not 100% sure on the finer points of the LC license but if you are earning over the limit affording a full license of FX shouldn't be too bad (although you'd want to be getting your use out of it to justify it). Houdini LC has it's own file type .hiplc which isn't meant to work across to the full commercial version but it will work perfectly well with the LC version of the Houdini Engine as far as I know... not got it to test yet. Also on the SideFX site they mention that if you upgrade to a full version they will convert any .hiplc files to .hip for you. With FX LC you can export to alembic files to bring right into C4D for rendering, once I feel more proficient in it I plan to purchase a full license so that I can use Arnold and Octane as the third party renders for both C4D and Houdini. Overall it has a harsh learning curve but once the workflow starts to click it is really worth it.
  3. yeah Simon without a doubt - finding C4D more and more limiting the further I fall into the Houdini well (more like bottomless pit...). With the limited commercial license of Houdini Engine at $99 and Houdini FX LC at $200 it's hard not to see the crazy benefits that'll come from working between the two programs. With Arnold and Octane working between the two as well only makes it better! You given it a try yet?
  4. Sounds cool Mylenium. Be great to see the Xpresso rig.... I actually built a little tool in Houdini that will turn any quad based geometry into a hexagonal mesh which should be able to be used in C4D once the Houdini Engine is released soon.
  5. I think there is a good chance 4K will take off better than 3D etc but when it comes to your work screen it doesn't really matter how quickly the trends change just how much screen real-estate you can afford. The LG's that Simon mentioned are great value for a resolution of 3440x1440 but if/when I get a 4K display I'd be looking at the new Samsung UD970 as it has 50% more screen real estate than the LG (and a better quality panel technology). You'll likely see the prices come down in the next year quite a bit as competition heats up as well
  6. Create in Illustrator and position everything in separate layers etc In C4D use a Fracture object so can modify the child layers with effectors, but also place a display tag on the Fracture object and lower the LOD (%) so that you can actually work with all the layers. Hope that helps, if I think of another solution I'll update this post - best of luck
  7. mjL

    Transfering Jobs

    I think work quality will usually always trump quality clients in most people's eyes, although some big name clients on your reel can help. I'd recommend you stay at each place for as long as your learning something new from the people you work with and/or clients. As soon as that stops, get out!
  8. mjL


    Hi, Just uploaded a project I've been working on for a while. It is a development of a project I originally created at Uber (uber-london.com) - designed, directed, filmed, animated and rendered all in roughly 5 weeks. Hope you like it. Frames Cheers
  9. aspekt i've got pretty much all of that covered except for the metrocard - i will be trying to get at least one flight home a year covered to visit family. Although I imagine I may be back for work at times anyway. Not kidding about it being a huge endeavor though...
  10. thanks for the help guys. Think i've got a rough idea of what my premium might be - which shouldn't be too bad as i'm healthy and have only myself to cover. So providing my bosses and myself can agree on contract terms i'll be in NY in the next few months :-)
  11. Don't worry it's not another salary thread... I'm just after some advice from designers in the US on my current situation... The company that I currently work for in London are expanding by opening an office in New York and I've been offered to head out there to build a team like we've got here in the UK. This is an amazing opportunity that I'd be silly to turn down, but I'm just confused as to what I need negotiate for as part of my contract i.e medical insurance. I've been told that I will need to sort out my own medical insurance until the the office is fully operating on it's own. This could be anywhere between 6 months to a year. I'm really after some advice on how much extra to ask for on top of my salary. How much am I going to need to pay for health cover and anything else I might need? Cheers Mark
  12. Just finished post on my first stereoscopic video last week, which was an absolute killer - 30min video shot all on greenscreen with everything else added later. We shot on two RED One's with a converged setup rather than parallel which meant that we were unable to alter the 3D depth very much in post. This wasn't too much of an issue as our video was shot from a stationary position. A few things to remember though... - A stereoscopic DP is a must (ours helped us get our heads around some of the post issues like grading two streams etc...) - keep stuff that comes "out" of the screen to a minimum and don't push it too far out. - best looking and the most comfortable scenes to watch are ones that make use of the depth going into the screen rather than towards the viewer. To be honest the stereoscopic DP will be aware of this on the shoot, but it can help you plan your shot list. On set if you can have the intended delivery medium to preview the footage on it can be a massive help as many 3D screens differ in quality.
  13. Chris, We had a lot of the same problems here. Multiprocessing only seems to be efficient when rendering to image sequences, rendering to quicktime formats like Animation and PNG seems to fill the RAM up rapidly. This causes the render to start quickly then begin chunging along after so many frames, almost grinding to a halt it seems at times. We've found it far more predictable to turn MP off when rendering to quicktime files. Our systems are running Windows 7, 12cores(24threads) and 24GB RAM. So the machines are no slouches, but getting consistent results when rendering hasn't been easy. Out of curiousity what are you rendering too? Video file or Image sequence?
  14. mjL

    Prores on windows

    It is ProRes 422 (have also tried the HQ version as well)
  15. I'm having a problem with the latest quicktime (7.6.6) on windows 7 x64 in that it won't playback prores encoded files. I have never had this problem before and I'm wondering if this is a 7.6.6 issue? I can throw pretty much any other video at quicktime and it will play just fine. I have tried installing the codec from the apple site but it says that a newer version is already installed... Just wondering if anyone else is running windows 7 and is able to playback prores okay? If so which version of quicktime are you using? Any ideas? Cheers mjL
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