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  1. Hi Ikep.. Sorry for answer you so late.. First - Thank for the comment. Second - I like to work with differents plataforms, formats or styles.. weel some times I reach my visual target some times not.. But I think that you could start with you like (3d 2d compositing or scripting) even if you like something you know is hard... but try it.. it won´t look like you expect in the first time but it will help you to make it better in the next time.. I like the same work that you´ve told.. the morph between tools was done in flash frame by frame and then exported in pngs to postproduction on after effects.. Enjoyyyyy
  2. I´ve just uploaded my web site and reel. www.felipedias.tv Any constructive feedback is very appreciated. Thanxx
  3. Good work Pato.... Gostei muito tambem do estilo d vcs.. e eu tbm naum sabia q havia estudio similares a de vcs ai em portugal.... keep rocking guy... and Keep the SAMBA ALIVE rsrsr ABRAÇOS Felipe Dias Brasil
  4. Thanks Flow.. well a really think thats could be done in AE but I dont know how could I make it.. rsrsr well Mete thanks for the book.. I´ll buy it. And Wysee uff.. I saw this video... and seems to me very good intragrated.. uff.. if someone know any tutorial that show this, it will be very appreciated Thanks again... Felipe Dias
  5. Hi guys, i have some questions about this movie and I would be thankful if anyone could help me with this.. http://www.xplsv.tv/movie.php?id=1176 http://www.xplsv.tv/movie.php?id=1210 http://www.xplsv.tv/movie.php?id=1178 is it possible to compose those graphics elements with "correct ligth" in the live images.. only working in AE or maybe its need to be done in some high end soft. like flame? Do you think that elements was animated in some 3d software or it could be done only in AE? well sorry for my poor english..
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