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  1. I would say use a Random Effector. Drop it under the mesh and set it to deform the points with some animated noise, you can control the falloff this way too. Other way would be to use the displacer deformer.
  2. Hi Si I worked on the idents doing 3D and compositing. Tezuka is definitely right. Most of the lighting is in post. We used physical sky in C4d and then just built on that with solids in after effects set to add, some mattes to give certain bits like the meerkats hill and a bit of a glow on the edges, things like that. We used a bit of shine for sun rays too. The grade adds much of the feel too. Glad you liked them! Cheers Stephen
  3. There is a Dalston, in Cumbria. But there's also one in East London, about a mile from the city/shoreditch & Old Street. Estate agents call it 'Trendy Dalston' so beware inflated rents like much of round here. It's well connected by overland train and the East London line. Kingsland Rd (main road going from Shoreditch to Dalston) turns into Stoke Newington Hight St, which is 'nicer' I suppose, lots of pushchairs on a Sunday... cupcakes, that kinda thing. I live and work East and really like the area. You can get to Soho within about half an hour, maybe a bit more depending on where you live and proximity to a tube or overland station. It's not a big commute by London standards at all.
  4. Hi Mike Yeah that's right, I was using a mograph data node fed into a point node to snap the spline points to the clones! Ahhhhhhh the tracer. I just tried it and yeah, it made the expresso a complete waste of time. Thanks tezuka! Good tip on the dummy object too. I'm sure the problem will pop up again at some point... node... Really appreciate the help guys
  5. Hello all I normally would hold back on posting a c4d question here, but I've posted this at c4d cafe and haven't had a response as yet... with deadline looming. So, sorry about the cross-post, and the copy and paste from there. In the file I have a random effector set to linear falloff, moving downwards and displacing clones on the x/z axis, drawing a graph like line. A spline is connected via expresso so the points on the spline snap to the clone position as the random effector displaces them. Problem is I've got a lag that won't go away. The spline is struggling to catch up with the clone position and seems to lag by a frame or so, or i skip a frame forward, it lags then suddenly shifts into position a few seconds later. When I've done renders I get the same problem. So I thought it would be a priority problem, so I stuck my expresso at the bottom of the hierarchy then gave priority to generators with a setting of 499 to no avail. It'd be great if someone had an idea of what I could do to sort this out file link c4d file
  6. Got this for Christmas... worth picking up even if a lot of the graphs are kind of pointless https://shop.gestalten.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/160
  7. Hello I'm having a few problems using Thinking Particles, with the TP presets (which are very good). I hardly know anything about expresso, which is why I'm bolting together the presets but I've come unstuck. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6179563/example.c4d I have a couple of emitters in different particle groups. Both emitters are the multishape emitters. I've parented it all under a null in the hope I can attach it to an object in my scene- but when I keyframe the parent null only one of the emitters moves with it, the other is stuck in it's original position. Like I say, I've got a very limited knowledge of expresso, but if anyone can give me any pointers on how I can get both emitters moving under the null I'd be very happy. Cheers! Edit::::::::::::::::::: I think I figured it out... but there's probably a better way to do it. I parented each emitter and 'effector' to a null in their expresso tags. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6179563/example2.c4d Sorry, seems obvious now....
  8. I think acrobat pro can make something like this with it's pdf portfolio
  9. Can't believe no one has said this already, but - really really good in particular the Kanal / TVNorge stuff
  10. Wow looks like it works pretty well, cheers for that
  11. Don't mean to sidetrack this thread but... Does anyone know how this (the 550d /t2i) compares to the video on the 7d? I'd be mainly interested in the video, with primes... for £800 its pretty exciting. Also has anyone used the foundry's skew plug? I've read that it's pretty good for minor hand-held shaky.
  12. I like this one a lot.... http://www.i-reel.fr/_videos/_videos/Hautlence_HL_Q.mp4
  13. Assuming you mean in c4d? Like this? Put texture A on object. Use an animated gradient in the alpha channel on texture B. Or somebody else will probably give you a better, quicker answer c4d file Just had a look at this and it doesn't quite do it, but with some adjusting you should be able to do it.
  14. I'd second the CMI Vfx C4d Projection Man tutorial... I got it a while back and still haven't got around to going through it properly. Definitely a tricky subject. But I'd say even from doing a quarter of it it's worth the money, their free tutorials are pretty good too.
  15. Yep Bobo, thats the Cs4 preset... We still use 1024x576 but it confused me too. Apparently the 1050 is right and I think there's been a thread here about it before. The white paper also went straight over my head. Then again I haven't had any 1024x576 stuff sent back from the BBC. As far as I can tell (and I'm probably wrong) the extra pixels make up, or compensate the area on the edges where there is distortion of the image on a tv set. Or am I stating the obvious? found a previous thread with a link to adobe's explanation http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=18388 http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/9.0/WS3878526689cb91655866c1103906c6dea-7f3aa.html#WSA803DAFB-1445-4870-840A-4599ECBC3066
  16. Hello Wouldn't normally post this, but someone referenced it and I can't find it anywhere. I'm looking for a spot for (maybe) paramount comedy or comedy central, in the UK. It's a woven medieval looking cloth, or tapestry but made up of comedy characters & comedians. Sound familiar to anyone? Cheers
  17. oops... just re-read the original post, going through the same thing at the moment, but not having much luck with the plugin... probably missed something
  18. How about messing around with the mograph displace deformer? Then using current state to object. You can use it on splines and geometry.
  19. Bakahatsu

    I'm an idiot!

    That was cool- i like. give c4 a call re sound?
  20. I have 0 to do with photography, but I'd be interested to see the results. Just found the slightly less glamourous and minus Morgan Freeman UK equivalent: http://www.bscine.com/evaluation09.asp with equally little information on the results!
  21. Bakahatsu

    Updated Reel

    Yeah, I'd probably agree with brawk. It wasn't that it was actually long in duration, it just felt a little long. Probably due to repetition, like the moon/tv piece, that was good but you went back to it once or twice. The rollercoaster/plane piece is easily the best thing on there, really good stuff and I can understand wanting to cut back to it to fill things out. I liked the bigfoot thing toward the end too. There were a few things in there I'd probably think about not putting in (the bloodlines thing that doesn't resolve, the germ thing surrounded by techie interface thing and the dna helix thing) But I know its difficult, I'm having the same problems at the moment- I don't have a whole lot of work to choose from therefore my reel is short, and if I try and stretch it out I risk putting in some less than great work. Also I'd say that the reel lacks examples of strong type projects. I have this problem too and I'm looking to take on some more type based projects outside of work to remedy this. But there's some cool stuff in there in general.
  22. That was really cool. Liked the style a lot.
  23. Wow... thanks a lot for all the pointers and comments. Very, very helpful. Re compression: yeah not sure about that- by and large it seems to load reasonably fast, but I've had a few people say it hangs when it loads so will look into that. I think the consensus is that the intro feels too long in terms of narrative and could be tightened up. Binky, I think you hit the nail on the head there and it would make it more of a rounded & independent piece- the idea of developing it a bit more and giving it another twist is pretty cool as is the idea of splicing it throughout, palmer. Will probably give that a shot when I seek out a some new music to edit to. Mjoshua- yeah thanks, that was what I was going for, but I think I maybe milked the concept a little too much! Yeah I think with the reel itself I do feel like I have a limited selection of work I feel comfortable putting in and the bingo thing was a bad call probably, guera/leahzero. It's good to know though, it's probably the shot I wince at the most so it confirms my suspicions! Philmadelphia: Other people I've showed it to have commented on the repetitive nature of the music and by the end of cutting it, it was doing my head in a bit too. Will probably try a couple more tracks over the next few days and see if I can take the pointers above and make it work better. Silatix: gonna get that bio up as soon as I find that elusive suave picture of myself that says "I'm a designer" Thanks again all, it's been invaluable to get your perspectives on it. S
  24. Thanks for the feedback Schumway, much appreciated. Yeah you're right about the intro, snowballed a little and got into wanky territory! Gonna have to rejig that one. Anyone else got any comments? S PS: Checked out yr website Schumway, some really cool stuff in there.
  25. Hello all So this is my second show reel after two years working as a designer, finally biting the bullet and looking for a crit. Don't feel like I can dish it out before I get dished myself. I work in house for a production company (where all of the work on the reel comes from) and am wondering where the strengths are in my work, or where it needs a kick up the arse. So rip into it by all means... (and from reading many a post here, I wont be offended) Also I'm wondering about the reel as a whole. What works? What doesn't work? Direct link Cheers all Stephen
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