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  1. Make sure it has windows! Sounds obvious- but I don't and Every time I go outside, I feel like I'm melting.
  2. Would be interested in a London meet up Guera... I don't work freelance, but have you found designers are lowering their rates en mass in London to accommodate these companies? Wheres the line between a few boards and a full blown pitch? If I was thinking about going freelance I'd probably bend a little just to get myself set up, but if I were established I wouldn't waste my time with it and I'd probably feel dirty and used.
  3. Thanks for the link to the serial converter. Waiting on that now. Don't know what the problem is, never had it do anything weird til yesterday either. I had custom particles which were like 250x250 pixels, so that very probably had something to do with it, sized it down by half. Seems OK at the moment... ... yes, probably a user oriented problem, Stuart. Maybe if I orient away from your face it will stop
  4. So... I've downloaded the latest from the red giant site and installed, but have had the usual problem of our serial being obsolete for this installer... but aside from that even the demo is giving me big problems, it's making AE crash pretty frequently. I'm assuming it's particular messing things up because when I turn it off it seems OK, aside from being a bit weird in general (refusing to ram preview at times). Anyone else had any trouble?
  5. We have to use the harding test here http://www.hardingfpa.com/ Not sure what you'd have to do in a freelance capacity. Maybe they would have to pay for a post house to QC it?
  6. BBC news seconded... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7459669.stm
  7. Bakahatsu

    imac 2.8

    Swap it for at least a Quad core Mac Pro... failing that, one of these... http://www.retrogeekcomputers.com/images/a...cs/Amiga500.jpg
  8. This may sound like a stupid/obvious suggestion but have you tried going to EDIT > Use as render view ... in the right viewport?
  9. Basecamp is 24 dollars a month, so not free/ dirt cheap but... Had a quick look at it a while ago, seemed handy. you can have 15 projects at a time running. They have a 30 day trial thing. http://www.basecamphq.com/
  10. This type of stuff is all over the place and quite over done, but as far as I know this is one of the first and best examples of what you're talking about... When I first saw the subject I thought you were referring to something more like this http://www.proudcreative.com/pr_s4c_06.html which really is 'voiceover driven' in real-time. Cheers
  11. Go to preferences in AE > Display > In motion path check the box that says 'all keyframes' and that should do it!
  12. Never thought I'd see Barry Evans on Mograph.net 'mazin
  13. I've had real problems with this on PC. Quicktime export seems really unstable, on the mac it breezes through. Going to try and roll back the graphics (nvidia) drivers tonight. Cheers Madkap.
  14. It's a photograph, yeah. It would be a regular thing too so the concept has got a bit too unfeasible given the circumstances. Plus modeling a head from a photo reference is beyond me anyway, let alone for an 8 week run! ...live and learn Cheers again PS: Loving CS Tools, Chris, MoCam & Vibrate/Spring Nulls are a dream man.
  15. Cheers for that rapid response guys I was kicking myself RE the flat/frontal projection, Mike... The NIN video was pretty much what I was going for SP3KTR, but I was a little unrealistic in thinking I could get a clear-ish/ recognisable face from my grayscale image. I guess to achieve this would take a much more structured (ie. time consuming) approach. I even looked over TimC's tutorials the other day, checked it out and then completely forgot about it. Cool stuff nonetheless!
  16. Hello all Apologies in advance if this is garbled, I'm not a hard core C4D user. O.k, so I'm trying to create an effect similar to that mega 80's pinbox executive toy thing in Cinema 4D. It needs to allow for quite a bit of detail as I want the pins to display a face shape when displaced. I've tried a few things but the closest I've got is creating a cylinder inside a cloner object set to grid mode, then a shader effector displacing the cylinders or 'pins' in the grid on the Y axis. I've set the shading tab to use the colour channel of a texture I set up. I set this texture up with frontal mapping and then went to stick the texture, the image is grayscale. It looks fine from the top viewport but moving round in perspective view, my texture along with the deformation/displacement shifts and rotates like it's not stuck. So my question is, have I missed something here or is it not possible for the texture to stay fixed using the shader effector? Have I gone about this in arse backwards way? Any help much appreciated!
  17. http://www.stashmedia.tv/ not free but not a grand a year either...
  18. Ummmmm http://www.linotype.com/2209/seriffonts.html http://www.linotype.com/en/239089/keyword/serif.html I guess it just depends on the project and how useful they are in that instance. It would be difficult to narrow it down to a handful of fonts that will cover you... Cheers
  19. Bakahatsu

    Blender 3D

    If you had the time any of those things would be very much appreciated! Cheers!
  20. Like Guera said, CSM & RCA. From what I've heard they dont have courses which will give you technical knowledge. Seems like you have to apply that yourself. You can't do undergraduate at RCA it seems, plus the animation MA may not be suitable for you. Its said here all the time but the actual design skills are more valuable than the rest. Depends exactly what you want to do, I mean if you're leaning heavily toward the 3d stuff then yeh maybe a course would be suitable. Other than that I remember reading about Bournemouth being decent. Beware though, loads of places do courses which suggest they teach you the earth when they just spread the course way too thin over way to many subjects. You'd be better off buying a few decent books for the usual apps, watching shitloads of motion stuff and study graphic design in my opinion. The people you meet on the course will be invaluable. Especially if you study in London and plan to work here afterward. There are training courses for apps but I'd say you should have the capacity to teach yourself at least the basics. There are plenty of resources out there. Do a degree, get a decent reel together of personal projects, get an internship- thats where you'll really learn. The search function here will also help you. Use it! Pretty sure this question has been asked before. Apologies if I've generalised or been presumptious, but I didn't have much to go on eh. Good luck!
  21. A while back I was looking into work in Italy, particularly Rome. There doesn't seem to be much and I'm really not surprised by what Rothermel said. The design on TV over there seemed a bit ... , not to mention the actual content. What's with the serious political discussions followed by Go-Go girls? Saying that, I was impressed by Paris Hilton's commandment of the Italian language (and accent) in the 3 mobile spots. "Meglio cambiare, no?"....
  22. Ok... So I'm another new poster (also from the UK) and although sometimes I do have a degree of sympathy for some of the more naive posters I've seen on here more recently, this time I'm not so inclined. I've lurked here for a year now, since I started out using A.E. I've found it an invaluable resource for learning and have searched over and over without posting one single question. I was sorely tempted at times where I was pulling my hair out over now trivial problems and the answers were usually there already. Even I got a little pissed off when I read the subject of the post. I remember what it was like to be starting out and I pretty much still am, so I know how it is. No offense to the poster. It's just that strangely, it feels like a bit of a kick in the nads when some of us new guys DO take the time to use the search, buy the books, and scour online for tutorials. btw: Hello
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