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  1. The image doesn't show it, but I already have tried that and the result is the same. Although, I've found something to work with, by creating three splines that make the curve in the middle and the extremes. I also created a three path with the shape of the shelves and assign each to the other splines with the spline wrap. Then baked that paths and created the mesh with a loft object. Probably there is a better solution but that what works for me for now.
  2. Yes I've done the shape in Illustrator, but how can I make the curve? The shape is the same, I believe the problem is that it deforms in vertical way inside the curve.
  3. Hi there! I'm making a shelve that as a shape like a tube and I need it to put that in a curved wall, in the two sides. But I can't make that shelve to maintain the curvature and dimensions in the tighter part. What is the best way to model this? I've tried using a bending deformer, a spline wrap, ffd, and all do the same. I also tried deforming the splines so the mesh would be ok, but I need it to have exact measures. Sending image showing the problem. Thanks!
  4. Hi there! I was editing some footage from a gopro, and when I replace with an after effects composition the AE gave me the "overflow ratio denominators" error. In my search I discover that this occurs when the frame rate of the footage isn't in rounded numbers. Conforming the frame rate in the interpret footage resolved this problem, but when I do that, the last part of the footage disappears. Trying to understand that problem, I imported some of that footage in a new project in AE. But I noticed that by just changing the radio button the after automatically changes the time. Here is a screen capture to better demonstrate that. http://imgur.com/WdlXbOu Is this some software error or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  5. Hi there! Not sure if it's possible, but is there a way in AE that when you time-reverse two keyframes the curve stays the same? Per example, you have two keyframes in the position. Point A to point B, with 50% at the start and 70% at the end. When you time-reverse, the curve also reverse for 70% at the start and 50% at the end. Is there a fast way to keep the curve unchanged instead of changing it again? Just curious if there is some option available that could fast a little the process. Thanks!
  6. I already had tried the RVA8 version and encountered the exact same problem. Your way Encity definitely work, not the cleanest like you said but does the job. Maybe someone can tell a simple way for the future. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
  7. Hi there! I have a source text connected to a slider to make an animated counter. How can I have this text between brackets/parenthesis? Thanks
  8. Thank you very much. I was in your blog searching for some answers to but didn't find that. Very useful. Any chance anyone can have a solution for having only one keyframe for the scale of the three axis?
  9. Thanks a lot guys, I think the constrain tag can give me the solution of what I was looking for.
  10. Yes, I already tried the Align to Spline, but then I would have to create one for every sphere, because it sticks to the spline and I need to offset the position individually. I was looking if there is something more simple for later in animation. What I'm trying to achive is something like in the 13 second of this video https://vimeo.com/81294014
  11. Hi there! What is the best option for making a couple of spheres rotating another sphere that is orbiting another sphere with a couple more too, but making every one of them independent. Is the best approach doing with null objects? But when you need to change the radius of the orbit with the scale of the null the child spheres change there size too. Is it possible to make a radius cloner with a child of a another radius cloner? Thanks
  12. The symmetry object imitates everything for the other site of the axis, so your problem is that the front plane is going trough the axis. You need to put that only to the axis. About the animation, maybe using the spline wrap would do the trick.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate that. I also thought that it's a little long, but with the type of work I have been doing it had to be a little extensive, just to show some technical details.
  14. Checkout my new reel. Movmind Reel 2011 Thanks for your time.
  15. Hi there! Does anyone know how can I make an wave with objects in C4D. Something like this ?Thanks
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