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  1. I just ran into this issue recently as well... The solution I came up with was to grab the "value" from the slider, not just the slider "object": "[" + effect("Slider Control")("Slider").value + "]";
  2. Assuming this is AE, apply your tracking data to a null object, then parent your layer to the null... you can then easily manipulate the layer how you wish (position, rotation, scale, etc...)
  3. There is a switch in "View Options..." (Cmd-Option-U or menu View > View Options... your comp window needs to be highlighted to get to this option) under "Layer Controls" => "Motion Paths" & "Motion Path Tangents" You'll need to have your layer selected to view the path / handles
  4. I'm looking for examples of monologues done with cuts of multiple people, similar to the original ONE campaign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MOU2ZzwPpU There's gotta be a million of them out there, but finding examples that are creative or unique is turning out to be a challenge (having a hard time determining search strings). Anything come to mind? Your help and the content of your hive minds are greatly appreciated... thx!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usUtpNLSZGU
  6. The trouble I seem to feel with the cut in question is more related to where the focal point is between the two shots. My eyes are on the far right of the frame on the CU traveling shot and I'm a bit disoriented when my eyes are quickly forced to the opposite side of the frame. I lose her for a moment before I regain orientation.
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    Both of the FXPHD courses are well worth the investment: Introduction to SynthEyes Intermediate SynthEyes
  8. DrVrtigo

    3d max

    Rigging: * If you're on subscription, Autodesk released CAT for Max 2009 (http://www.softimage.com/products/cat/). * Lumonix also made Puppetshop available for free (for Max 8+ => http://www.lumonix.net/puppetshop.html).
  9. * Create a text layer * Put a slider control on it (Effect > Expression Controls > Slider Control) * in the Source Text attribute of your text layer place this expression: Math.floor(effect("Slider Control")("Slider")); * animate keyframes on your slider control from 0 to 100000
  10. Bjorn! Glad to see you around these parts. Thanks for posting this. (ryan)
  11. A couple of nice examples: http://www.erik-lauritzen.com/lbh.html http://www.motion-graphics.com/lsc_08.html
  12. DrVrtigo

    3ds max 2009

    A standard install automatically puts a shortcut in the start menu that does exactly this, named "Change Graphics Mode" If you can't find this shortcut in your Start Menu, locate or create a shortcut to the app (usually found at "Start Menu > Programs > Autodesk > 3ds Max version..."), get the properties of the shortcut (right click > "Properties"), then in the "Target" box, add your -h after the quotes (so it looks like: "Drive letter:\PathToExecutable\3dsmax.exe" -h), hit "OK" then run the shortcut. good luck.
  13. fxguide.com is a nice vfx resource... (and, of course, the pay-for high-end vfx online courses at their sister site fxphd.com)...
  14. Without looking, I'm 98% sure that none of the 10bit codecs mentioned above support embedded alphas (Apple, FCP, Blackmagic).
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