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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the good feedback. I get what you're saying about the pacing. I want to add more spots to keep the interest up but I feel like I'm digging through the bottom of the barrel right now. I have other stuff but I'm tired of it. Definitely need to do something about that Vaio piece. Oh well no worries. This was round one. I feel I got a pretty good start on it. Time to revisit my archive of work and see if I'm missing something I could use. Thanks again.
  2. Another reel up for review. Any feedback welcomed. Thanks in advance. http://www.reelroulette.net/seandowey
  3. chirp454

    Marko Mrvic

    Cut it down to a solid 30-45 seconds remove the duplicates and shorten your intro. It takes 10 full seconds to get into the reel.
  4. Videogame retrospective could loose the first bit with the joysticks. It takes too long to resolve. I like the design and animation of the squid canon. The last shot feels flat to me.
  5. Good work on the project. I did some work on Electronica and know how hard and time consuming it can be. I do agree about the edit though. If possible I would remove/reduce the amount of zoom in jump cuts. A simple dissolve would work for me. I watched the whole thing with the sound off as is my norm and the cuts are distracting.
  6. SMALLER FONT... Smaller Font... smaller font... I feel like I have my grandmothers reading glasses on. Otherwise pretty simple layout which is a plus as I just want to get in, get the info, and get out.
  7. chirp454

    Opening Titles

    Looks like all of the effort was put into the titles themselves without much thought given to the title logo and end resolve. As for the titles themselves the only thing about it that bugged me was the blood splatter that just happened to land on each of the names. What are the odds of that really happening? The placement of the blood splatter makes it obvious this is a designed scene and not a haphazard cop desk. What I do like is the 2 1/2 D effect you have on the newspaper clippings. It creates a bit of a surreal environment and adds some uneasiness to the open.
  8. chirp454

    Reel Music

    I thought I'd start a topic about music for demo reels. What do you guys like? Artists, trends, whatever... Seems to me like ambient electroninca is the new cliche.
  9. Cool. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Hey all, Just looking for some feedback on my reel. Things you like, don't like, etc. etc. Thanks in advance for watching. Here's the link: http://reelroulette.net/seandowey
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Any thoughts on the reel or other content?
  12. Here is a link to my new website. Any feedback on the reel, layout, download speeds etc. is appreciated. http://www.seandowey.com
  13. Thanks. Yeah I'm working on shortening it. The wrestling footage I didn't shoot. The graphics and edited footage was a piece I worked on for a buget proposal sizzle reel Spike TV presented to Viacom.
  14. Sorry for upseting your sensibilities. My website also says prizes include a collectors edition Sigmund Freud Action Figure. Thanks for taking the time to look. Thanks I'm working on tightening it up now. It's hard to judge what drags when you've seen the same thing a hundred times.
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