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  1. Great stuff english mode activated cheers
  2. Parabéns Pato. Yooo!! estamos bem acompanhados já percebi! + um português ao barulho!! make some noise! Serge UK
  3. hi I think what you are looking for, is: - create a new material - importing the footage into the color, click on the movie thumb and set animation start /end/ timing - drop into a plane or object. or make sure is not influenced by light. - create your glass object.. - create the glass material with transparency and play with refraction and fresnel, should do the trick.. ...again, i think it depends on the footage and the desired effect that you envision. cheers
  4. Hello there There is plenty already shot, starting at 5 bucks a piece on www.istockphoto.com "videos" search on ink, or drop, i saw a few cool ones there. Enjoy or try this one: "looks great" http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/ar....php?id=2274688 cheers
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