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  1. The one thing i found was a big challenge was mastering the workflow. I wouldn't know how to properly start a project, and take the appropriate steps to get the work done right and let things fall into place. Fast forward 7 years, and I have such a better understanding on workflow. I'll sit down and write out the problem and my attempt at the solution. I'll do the research and concept development (this could be styleframes OR just sketches). Then I'll prep the media. Whether it would be creating models and setting up renders, or roto'ing shots, or building PSD comps/ AI comps. The whole time, I will have frames to go by. I'll know what is coming up next this way. Then actually animate. Start putting comps together and timing it. Basically, everyone does it a little differently, but having a proper understanding of workflow and organization will help your project get off the ground and into doing the core work smoothly... And also wrapping your mind around timelines helps..
  2. This might not be the video you are looking for, but it reminded me of this video i saw recently. The money is in Canadian dollars.. http://www.hatchstudios.net/#index.cfm?event=display.work&workid=149 Heart and Stroke Lottery commercial - Hatch Studios / Toronto
  3. It's true. I haven't ever read anything about salaries regarding motion graphics, so this is something of great value. I thought for the results would generate more info outside of rates/salaries though. More along the lines of cliental and industry. for example, how many people who consider themselves to work in the motion graphics field work for TV production vs. Commercial Production vs. Film. Studios, Self-employed, creative departments in-house, etc... I think if there was a next round of this survey, 1) it should be designed and developed to create it's own results from input (think glorified excel formulas). 2) certain aspects should be further highlighted to be more accurate: regional, industry, experience. But this census is a great start
  4. i agree. Some of the stats for certain jobs seems right and certain other ones seems really off. i.e., Compositor. I know the experience levels for this position can range from brand new to veteran... but it seems surprisingly low that the median is less than 20,000$ a year. Same with freelance Designer, another 30K. I'm glad this survey finally came out, but it doesn't seem terribly accurate.
  5. Hey, just saw it. I think it's pretty good so far.. but it might need a few tweaks. You're right about the music and sfx. I think you have some strong imagery. The audio should compliment it. The fade up on the hard rock track doesn't fit in right. Maybe the music should kick in when the fish icon breaks open for the first time. Also I like the color treatment. The cuts on the titles are oddly placed. maybe make them hold longer (15frames) OR ...cut it down shorter and have it do a twitch/flash frame type effect. I like it though. And i appreciate it even more cause I work for the world fishing network, and making a quasi sport like fishing seem remotely entertaining is a challenge. Do you write your own promo's? or are you supplying graphics to the promo producer and editor?
  6. holy crap i just saw it! amazing work dude.. im a big fan of trailer mash ups, but they're usually done by nerds without talent... but every once in a while, you get a bad ass mash up! good job! (im gonna post it up on my facebook)
  7. np! glad to help.. if you ever check out a control room during a live sports broadcast.. and you hear the TD/cyron guy bring up the different gfx elements that go on screen, you'll be way more confused then you are now. lol..
  8. hey, i had to post a reply for the fact that 4 years ago, i was trying to search and find broadcast package terms and had a hard time trying to figure the meanings out. So this is a gfx package outline that we created last year for programming that we co-produce with out-of-house productions. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7009831/WFN_CO_PRO_guidelines.pdf but also some commonly used terms are: Station I.D's (aka Indents, ID's, station brand,) = usually a shorter graphics/animation/viz promoting the network Bumpers (aka bumper back) are usually part of the edit of a show that lead into and from commercials (i.e, coming up after the break..) Title Cards (aka boards, backgrounds, slates, etc..) there's so many terms and uses for this element... also: Lower 3rds (everyone should know this (aka Name keys, Title Keys, Hero Notes,) Locators (similar to lower 3rds, but could be placed on top of the screen to name a location or a date) Tag (could be a few things, but usually mean end tag.) which just means a logo animation or quick graphic to attach at the end of a bigger edit Bug (network Logo) usually in the bottom right corner, transparent, within title safe. Alpha In/Alpha Out (usually terms that editors/designers use) means that there is an alpha channel on the start or end of something Cold opener (usually the show intro before the Opening Credits) blah, i think i'll stop there and let some others chime in
  9. coldwarx

    2010 ShowReel

    Hey Thanks! Yes indeed, i took fishing to a whole new level.. lol Freelancing in Toronto is probably like most other places. There's some good money, a mix of corporate and commercial gigs. There's quite a few personal/low budget artzy projects that are always on the go, that leads to better paying jobs later. And I find that is a pretty cool thing about Toronto, the people that are involved in the arts also pull some strings in the big houses and networks. I feel though I'm still starting out and have a long ways to go, but I'm positive about a solid career in Toronto right now. Not sure if they answers your question.
  10. coldwarx

    2010 ShowReel

    Hey Guys! My name is Gajan. I work as a motion designer/animator in Toronto. I'm currently on the prowl for some new career options and I wanted to throw my reel out there to see if any one will bite. But first, I'd love some constructive criticism if anyone has a couple minutes to spare. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Here we go: http://cargocollective.com/gajanv/ P.s. the portfolio site is still being updated as we speak, with boards and screen grabs, etc.
  11. coldwarx

    Beginner Reel

    whoa.. that's pretty inspiring. i almost printed that out to frame on my desk. lol. seriously though, those are some insightful words to part with someone starting their career. It's been 3 years since I've graduated and started working in the broadcast world, and i still find myself just starting. thanks binky
  12. I just saw it. I have to say there are some pretty interesting pieces in it. I love the mograph/cloner stuff from Cinema. Those always look good. I found that a lot of the AE/C4D work resembles video co-pilot/greyscale tutorials. Although you used a few of them in interesting ways for the promo titles, (i.e, This Summer), i think limiting some of that work and putting in more original ideas would help you stand out from the hundreds (maybe thousands) of video co-pilot/greyscale tutorial reels. The music is a little too epic for me... but it was suspenseful, and the reel cut do it somewhat! Keep it up!
  13. can't believe this post has been up for a month and no one has responded. i just saw and i think it looked fantastic! did you see that style somewhere and try to mimic it? i love when HDR lighting is used on abstract 3d, so that looks great. the music is very eerie and suits this piece well! the only thing i would point out is the shatter at the very end, it seems to a little unnatural.. maybe if the particles raised up like vapor that would be a pretty wild ending! it looks great though (i've only watched it once, so there might be other things that could be tweaked)
  14. Hey I work for a sports network that works on a few specialty channels that are broadcasted through out North America. We're located in T.O.. There's only 2 mograph guys that work here (one of them is me!) The other guy is going on vacation for 3 weeks. So we need someone here doing full time hours for those 3 weeks, and freelance after that, just to help out with the fall production. Basically... you need to know your AE, Photoshop, AI and possibly working knowledge of a 3d app. We use C4D in house. We're located King St. West and John St (close to University Ave). Just let me know if you're interested and i can give you more details. We're hoping to fill this position in ASAP... like this week. And would be for all the month of august and possibly the first week of sept. and subsequent freelance work after. THIS IS PAID WORK BTW! EDIT. I see that there's a job section, and i forgot this should go there. So if a mod could possibly delete this.. that would be great. thanks
  15. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post and say I had an extremely fun weekend. Had a big house party at my place on Saturday. Rammed about a 100 people there and just had a really good time. That same night, a buddy of mine left me a bag of quality shrooms. So the next day, my roommate (who is a creative producer), 3 friends and myself ate the shrooms and smoked quite a bit of weed. Within 30 mins, we were laughing hysterically at anything and everything. So after playing some old school games (N64, SNES) and RockBand2...we decided to go through our reels and projects and watch a bunch of mo graph videos... then we hit up motionographer and went off for like an hour watching random shit. All that work blew my fucking mind and now i feel have this newly rediscovered passion for design... So the point of this thread.... TAKE SHROOMS if you can. It's a fun way to bond with a bunch of friends, visually stimulate your mind and have an outside the box understanding on something you love...
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