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  1. PATO

    www.pato.tv - UPDATE

    OK mikeh64 see if it's ok now, please.
  2. PATO

    www.pato.tv - UPDATE

    Yes mikeh64 it is supposed to stream, it's a 12mb FLV. Maybe the buffer is to low. I'm working on that.
  3. New site, new reel at www.pato.tv, hope you like.
  4. Yes MarkH, we are working on it, tks!
  5. Yes, now its just PATO we flushed the DIGITAL Great drawings man!
  6. Hi guys, nice you like it! Thankyou! Yes the 3d and mograph market in Portugal is growing and we are in the front row We have many good projects comming. When we have a finished ver. of our site i post here. Renatokg great work!
  7. Fixe espero que gostes! É sempre bom encontrar pessoal tuga nestes forums, estas em Vancouver? A estudar?
  8. Hi, We are a small animation studio in Portugal, PATO ( www.pato.tv). Hope you like our reel. Tks
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