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  1. If not, why don't you? This website is so bloody cool~~ you just create a name for the city, select a country, and you're set. Each click from different people (ie. different ISPs) will build up your population. It starts out with a singular house and depending on how many people you have in your population, eventually grows into a huge city. Each person can click once a day to add themselves to the population. I'll give you an example of mine: http://anelasama.myminicity.com/ Pretty soon once you have enough people in your population you are forced to improve your city's industry or else people will be left jobless. In order to do that, you need to post another link that specifically helps build up the industry. http://anelasama.myminicity.com/ind I haven't had enough people to start improving my transportation, but it will happen soon! If you create a minicity, let me know and I'll help you build up your population ^______^ :H
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