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  1. If not, why don't you? This website is so bloody cool~~ you just create a name for the city, select a country, and you're set. Each click from different people (ie. different ISPs) will build up your population. It starts out with a singular house and depending on how many people you have in your population, eventually grows into a huge city. Each person can click once a day to add themselves to the population. I'll give you an example of mine: http://anelasama.myminicity.com/ Pretty soon once you have enough people in your population you are forced to improve your city's industry or else people will be left jobless. In order to do that, you need to post another link that specifically helps build up the industry. http://anelasama.myminicity.com/ind I haven't had enough people to start improving my transportation, but it will happen soon! If you create a minicity, let me know and I'll help you build up your population ^______^ :H
  2. Excellent work you have there; I personally did not mind the slow pacing because I think both the music and the work went well with each other. And, like everyone else said, you have lots of variation which is a big plus; I ended up watching the whole reel in hopes of finding new styles. And you didn't disappoint one bit. Kudos to you dude :H
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    Hey Chris, fancy seeing you here. It's Anela. I see you have a brand spanking new website going on here. For crits, you might want to cut down your reel. Knowing you, you have done a lot of projects, so I don't see a reason why the same project should be shown twice. You have great design skills and your reel does have many moments, but those moments are easily overshadowed by seeing the same project, different scene. This may be a project thing, but it is also your demo reel so you're free to butcher a project if you like, as long as it's your own work. So I'm going to offer this crit: A lot of your camera movements are quite static-- there's either not enough secondary animation for the pace of the work as a whole or the camera isn't moving as much (perhaps a little zoom out) as it should. Don't be afraid to mess with it; cameras are a lot of fun Other than that, you have awesome work; I've always been a fan. Hope to see you around. - Anela - :H
  4. Pauloblob: Thank you for the input. I'm still intermediate at AFX, but I am discovering something new everyday, so it's all in good fun. Again, thanks for the input, I appreciate it. silatix: haha , The avatar is actually an image of myself. Thank you though! imcalledandy: The song is called Pink and I got it from the FLCL soundtrack. You ought to torrent the soundtrack one day; it is quite spiffy. :H
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    1st reel

    This is my first demo reel; comments and crits are tres appreciated. http://anelasama.com/anelasamadesign.html :H
  6. I'm looking for one that's much like Sorenson Squeeze. :H
  7. You are awesome. Thanks for the promo code! If you were here right now, I'd kiss you or something. Thanks for the input guys, I've decided to use overnightprints.com :H
  8. Anyone know of any really good ones? I have this one book that tells you the color style and the swatches that would go well with the mood... too bad it's all in Japanese, buu. So if anyone knows a really good one in English, that'd be really sweet. :H
  9. Anyone know where I can get business cards printed for cheap? And no, I dont mean the half-assed kinds where they use the regular format. I'm talking about the whole nine yards, from rounded edges to different kinda of paper... Some links would be nice. Thank guys~
  10. Sadistic antagonist + a girl's fantasy = insane combo ever. I especially loved the little insignificant part where the book bleeds on itself.
  11. Ps3 too buggy. Wii all the way.
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