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  1. paranoidx

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    wow, amazing and congratulation.
  2. paranoidx

    mograph.net needs your help

    Thing is changing, there is Digital Ocean, they are offering VPS with the most security, less headache of performance and also reasonable price
  3. paranoidx

    Wanna help keep mograph.net on-line?

    I did my part
  4. paranoidx

    R.i.p. Cactus Dan

    I came more deeply in C4D because of his plugin and other tutorial he made. RIP Dan
  5. paranoidx

    A Script to Restart Renders After a Crash?

    @royal bisquit : thank for your information, but I known that information few days ago while I searching to solve my problem. did you solve your problem ? @26thfloor : surely helpful that's what Im talking about, thank for your share, I would love to try it now. Thanks again.
  6. paranoidx

    A Script to Restart Renders After a Crash?

    Hi 26thfloor, could you explain more detail or have you got any information about rendering with command line ? I am sure interesting with it.
  7. Hi all, im new here, im sorry for my poor english. I hope to get an reply on this topic : currently im using After Effect on a Mac Pro (Config : 2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.0Ghz, 4G Ram, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500). While working in After Effect with a comp size more than 768x576 square px it crashes down while render or in preview mode. Sometime, still working on a comp 768x576 it crash too, I couldn't find any solution through google for my problem, so please someone help me with this. Thank you.