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  1. I use shape layers with trim paths as a matte.
  2. Todd Kopriva mentioned doing this: There's a preference in the text preferences file for setting to duration of a press that counts as a "tap" to being up the composition mini-flowchart. Search for "tap" in the text preferences file and set the number higher or lower to suit your tap speed. Be sure to only edit the file when After Effects is closed Source: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1020406
  3. We used Renderfeed recently. It was GREAT. I really like the plugin, especially how it displays all the settings of the scene in on pane.
  4. I have had issues with audio in AE too. I found just saving the file as a .mov makes it work correctly.
  5. forgot to add, just remove all the keyframes you don't need.
  6. once you have your expression just select the property in the layer. go up to Animation drop down menu -> Keyframe Assistant -> Convert Expression to Keyframes
  7. take a look at this tutorial on Cineversity : http://www.cineversity.com/tutorials/lesson.asp?tid=1574 if you're not a member, it's free to sign up. It explains doing the texturing of mograph afterward in AE.
  8. you can try duplicating the footage layer and using that as the 'patch' to cover the holes. was the shot done handheld or via tripod?
  9. if you open up the animation timeline, you can go in there and choose the keyframes (under the 'key' menu) and change their interpolation, similar to after effects.
  10. the red X should not be there if you render it with a commercial version, even if it was made in the trial version.
  11. I love this spot, seen it multiple times now, then again I am a DJ and have followed the Scratch Perverts for many years so the interest is multiplied exponentially. I was reading about this spot on Motiongrapher, the director said: "We shot the people spinning on turntables at 33.3rpm at high speed and then matched them to the turntables which were working with Serato." such a smart idea to film them and use Serato (which also can control video via turntable) to create believable movements of the 'record'. Then use that footage and key out the green and composite. so cool!
  12. have you tried messing with the shutter angle under compositions settings, under the advance tab?
  13. is it possible to put up the scene file?
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