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  1. anybody know of a place to purchase a stock video of full body silhouetted figures of people cheering/clapping??? I have found waste up stuff, but can't track down head to toe shots. thanks! geoff
  2. First off, great job with that spot. I actually just looked at it again today at work while scouring the internets lookin' for some inspiration Secondly, I know 10 does "seem" excessive. The intent is to not go out and look for 9 others to be hired in the next year or two by any means... I'm thinking over the next 20 maybe as the church continues to grow and the need becomes greater and greater. Right now, I am the only motion graphics designer and am spending most of my time creating custom "graphics packages" for what we call "sermon series." These are topical sets of sermons that last anywhere from 1-5 weeks mainly. I, along with the video team, depending on what is needed, put together a trailer used to advertise the series and then a bumper used as a transition during the worship experience between worship set and the sermon. I also design the graphics used for the L3rds and Scripture. Also responsible for supplying support graphics for a LOT of video pieces that are created and then also create some stand alone pieces that are used during the worship experience. Part of the larger issue is the volume of work that our team creates and the lack of time that is give to spend on each project. I'm often not spending more than 25-30 work hours on any given animation that is 30-45 seconds long from. This includes concept, to design, to animation. Again, completely solo. On top off that, there are other areas of the church that don't really get any of my attention that I feel would strongly benefit from some motion work... kids ministry, small groups, volunteering, community outreach, general church marketing, etc. The long term goal is to be at a point that we as a team can be creating award-winning level work. As you know, this takes people and time. The first goal would be to get another person in that is an "all-arounder" perhaps with some more skill in 3D than I have. Then, I'd love to get someone who is more in tune with VFX. Then perhaps someone who is more specialized with "kids" style graphics. Again, there is probably an endless amount of work that I can see being done and I'm trying to prioritize what needs to get done and then who is best to do it. So, hope that sheds a little more light into my world. Again, any advice/suggestions you might have would be invaluable. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys for the kind words regarding my work... certainly wasn't looking for that with this post, but it is appreciated. And thanks jaan for some feedback regarding the original thread... that feedback helps break down what I'll be looking for.
  4. We actually have worship experiences be about 75 minutes long, and we have separate experiences for broken down age ranges for kids so that the message in each experience is toned appropriately. The point of any motion graphic work used isn't to "preach" the message, but to either communicate a specific point that will help lead into what our Pastor is going to preach about or to help set the tone of what the message will carry.
  5. Basilisk, no problem swaying from the original thread.... I appreciate you're recognition of why the Church would want to use marketing, just like any other organization would. And answering a few posts back... The plan is to grow professionally while supporting a vision I believe in here at the church I work at/attend. To me, that would be ideal. I too believe that we are to keep progressing and I believe that there is potential for me to do that here (otherwise i wouldn't have taken the job in the first place). Thank you for seeing potential in my work and encouraging me to keep growing. That honestly does mean a lot to me.
  6. Well that hope is that as the church continues to grow, the creative department would grow with it.... 6,000 is only a glimpse of where we are hoping to grow too. We hosted our Easter Experience at the Bobcats arena and had over 11,000. Either way, I'm thinking about trying to find some 3D talent or generalist for my #2 man.
  7. Cain - thanks for the love. Kill - apology accepted
  8. 1. Thank you for acknowledging my work and not just bashing me - appreciate the compliment. 2. You are exactly right that a lot of artists are non-religious. I am however "preaching" (if that is what ya wanna call it) to the right choir... The point of our church is so that people far from God will be filled with life in Christ. People do give to our church, like they do to any non-profit, which is how it is funded. The people who go to our church believe greatly in the message we share and in how we share it. Striving towards excellence in every area is of the utmost importance since we believe we carry the most important message in the world, so we invest into bringing on professionals in every area of our staff to best present this message. Hope that helps shed a little light into why we have a design team on staff at our church.
  9. We aren't creating any "work for sale" - All the design work created is kept for usage during our worship experiences and actually then given away for free to other churches who are not able to afford to have a creative team. Our church doesn't own lake houses for "churches" - not sure what you're talking about.
  10. I'm not crying over here, trust me... It just seems that if you thought a post wasn't worth responding to, you wouldn't. If nobody responded to my post, than nobody responded... i'm not relying on it to make a next hire, was just hoping to see what people thought made up a well-rounded dynamite team. Wasn't even trying to say that I'm qualified to be the lead on it/ overseeing it... just hoping to begin looking into expanding the team so I can spend more than 2-3 days working on a project. Wasn't trying to come across as if my work is awesome, again the whole heart behind the post was to build a team so that I can continue to grow as well as produce.
  11. Asking people with more experience for advice while reaming out others who do the same... interesting.
  12. Thank you to those who at least helped with SOME direction. Apologies for using a forum to ask a question. I'll make sure to not use it again for advice. killkillakillyo: thanks for sharing your insults
  13. For those of you who are skeptical of what I'm asking, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough that you misjudged my intentions. Our church is just about 4 1/2 years old and have a weekly attendance of over 6,000 people. We've given away over 2 million dollars to the community in outreach within our 1st 4 years. We've baptized over 2,000 people. We've seen over 7500 people place their faith in Christ. We believe in doing everything with excellence for the glory of God. I know the stuff that we've done so far could all be done by one person, and that was me. The point in asking the initial question is that I know that the potential to do much greater work is there if more people were able to work together on projects. There are also a lot of areas of the church that I feel could benefit from having some motion work added to their ministries and I'm unable to do all of it alone. SO, the idea is that over time, I would build a team that would be successful and NOT wasteful.. hence me trying to receive some direction from people who have worked at successful studios. Whether you believe in the Christian Church or not, I'd hope that as a professional artist you could appreciate somebody trying to produce better work for something they believe in and do it as efficiently as possible as to NOT waste resources in hiring people we didn't need. All the church stuff aside, I'm asking if you were to start a studio and build the perfect "well-rounded" team, what types of people would you want and in what order would you add them on? Again, thank you to those who offered some insight. -Geoff
  14. So, my name is Geoff Schultz and I am the solo motion graphic designer at a church in Charlotte - Elevation Church (www.elevationchurch.org) Our church has a heavy HEAVY emphasis on the creative side of things. We have experienced extreme growth over the past 4 years and I am trying to build the vision for what my team will look like moving into the future. We currently have a Creative Pastor, Project manager, 2 graphic designers, 1 web developer, 2 video producers/editors, and myself as the motion graphic designer. I am looking for some insight from people who work at very successful studios into what their teams look like from a MGFX/VFX standpoint so I know who to hire as time goes on. My main strength is in animation and a lot of the design direction comes from our graphic designer although I feel that I am capable of design direction when I need to. All that being said, hope to get some solid advice from some experienced pro's. If you're interested in seeing my "level" of work, check it out at www.g-off.com - might help in what you would advice as a next hire. Think of the team size being 10 people. Thank you in advance Geoff Schultz www.g-off.com
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    Thank you both very much
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