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  1. Any quadro is a waste for just AE/C4D. If you have to buy *today*, get a 980ti, or Titan x if you have money to burn (the speed difference between the 2 is quite small while the titan costs double-ish). If you can wait a couple months, the 1080 will be the card to get. Right now the driver support isn't there...at least for Octane.
  2. Going PC to PC is all I have really done, and remote desktop that comes with windows 8.1 has been fine. They have also been trying out HP's option for cross platform stuff with some success here at work.
  3. Looks very similar to the workstation I'm on now. +1 on the PSU. The EVGA in this has been great. 128GB RAM may be a little much...we've been fine with 64GB. Octane won't care too much about the cache drive, but overall C4D/AE performance will. You may need some additional fans...basically you will want to use as many as possible in that case (or any case with air cooled 4xGPUs). I've liked the blue LED corsair fans...just remember to get the SP (static pressure) versions for your intakes and AF ones for exhaust.
  4. I tend to look at design related blogs a lot for awhile, then nothing for months, even though I'm always designing. Motionographer is really the only mograph specific one I go to. Then vimeo.com subscriptions/channels, here, mymodernmet.com, thedenveregotist.com, thisiscolossal.com and maybe fastcodesign.com.
  5. Hey just looking for updates here in general. Anything new? Anyone using Cineform across platforms?
  6. Unless you are GPU rendering and need the vram, there is no need for a Titan X 12GB. A 6GB 980ti will be just as fast in AE/C4D and save you $350. If you need 8 or less cores, just get an i7. No need for Xeons, and they can't be OC'd as far as i7s. Get at least 1 SSD (500GB) for your system drive, if not more for footage etc. Get at least 7200 rpm drives unless it is for backups only. Check out pcpartpicker.com for more feedback on cases, etc.
  7. Thanks! That is much nicer...like how it's always been on Mac. Bonus points: Does anyone know where I can find the rubber grips like on the Intous 3 that fit the Intous Art? My biggest complaint is the distance from my normal finger placement to tip is different...
  8. Why would you put in dual k5000s? A single 980ti has about the same # of cores. Check the Octane forums for advice on what would best fit a 2009 mac pro. I'm guessing dual 980ti's with additional power are the fastest option for MPs.
  9. jblessing


    Why doesn't the iMac screen work? I just got it working fine on my PC...I just had to have the latest nvidia drivers installed. I've been looking at this Asus monitor lately to add to it...
  10. I would agree. If you want to ever run 4 GPUs, you need to do the 5830k for 40 lanes. You will see benefits with just 2 GPUs. The CPU is basically as fast as the 5820k. You are mainly paying for extra lanes. The Air540 is a good case. It should cool this kind of build just fine with the right fans. We have built 4xTitan builds in the Corsair 760T and 780T cases that have been great. The Air540 is smaller, but wider than those cases. Basically you could just decide on looks which of those 3 cases you like best. I only have experience with EVGA and Asus motherboards, so I can't say anything about the MSI. The Asus x99 WS board is the only one on the market that can give 4 x 16x PCI slots. That being said, I haven't noticed any real difference in octane between the computer with the Asus and the EGVA that doesn't. I finished my mATX build this weekend, and with one click I got the 5820k running at about 4.1ghz. I haven't had time to tweak it further, but it still got a cinebench 15 score of over 1200.
  11. Decent start. I would go with a video card with a reference cooler so you can stack more together. You can get away with 4x980ti with reference coolers, but using those open type coolers like that one won't let you do that without significant thermal throttling. That PSU won't be good for more than 2 video cards. I'm not familiar with that motherboard, so just make sure the performance of the PCI slots will keep up with a 4x980ti setup. Even if you don't want to spend the cash on multiple GPUs right now, make sure the rest of the system is up to spec when you need the speed later on. For my home rig I'm building this week, I've opted for a max of 2 GPUs in favor of space/portability. Here is the part list.
  12. Any updates? How about the Corsair Air 240 with a 5960x in an Asus X99M or EVGA 131M motherboard?
  13. Hey any more updates? I'm looking at doing similar stuff. Have you tried hosting on Milk VR or youtube?
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