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    C4D R16

    They had me at Team Render Server...
  2. Thanks AromaKat, that's awesome. 4.7 stable out of a 3930k is great. What case did you go with?
  3. How have the Rampage IVs worked out for you guys? Have you had any problems with it's built in RAID controller? The 4930k's look great for the render nodes. The 4960x's look great for the workstations (since they can be significantly and safely OCed). Nice tip about the multiple AE renders using one core each...thanks Ed! Stuff like this is why it is worth the trouble to get 4 GTX cards + Octane running: interactive speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiMdJjjlr-A 2 Titans = 5-15min / frame render: Octane's speed does scale linearly with the number of CUDA cores it gets. The biggest slow down comes from having to transfer the scene/textures to the GTX cards. So having few computers with more GTX cards per computer will be faster. Other renderers will vary on limitations, but Octane seems to be the strongest one for now that works with C4D. We have a project coming that would keep our current CPU render farm busy for 6 months straight, so hopefully going for GPU rendering with Octane should dramatically cut that down while adding the ability to do true GI with better test rendering capabilities.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. We need to have these built and ready to go by Setptember, so I don't have time to wait on new hardware that may be coming out. We may go 6GB 780s in order to get another GPU render node...we'll see how the numbers all work out. An extra $2k per workstation for 1500 more CUDA cores with Titans is a bit steep. I have been spec'ing an i7 option as well, but I'm concerned that it may not have enough CPU power for AE rendering. We can network render anything in C4D (CPU or GPU), but we don't network render AE. I also like the idea of having some stuff render on the GPU (Octane-net) and something else rendering on the CPU (AE/Team Render) overnight... This is the latest i7 spec using a vender that does liquid cooling for everything: MAINGEAR FORCE X79 (system-EPIC-FORCE-x79) Chassis: Corsair® Obsidion 900D with Window Exterior Finish: Brushed Black Aluminum with Acrylic and Matte Black Accents Motherboard: Asus® Rampage IV Black Supporting USB 3.0, SATA 6G, 802.11ac Wireless [EK Watercooled] Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 4960X Six-core 3.6GHz/4.0GHz Turbo 15MB L3 Cache w/ HyperThreading Processor Cooling: EK Supremacy - Nickel Tubing: Primochill Advance LRT Flexible PVC Tubing Heat Exchanger Array: EK 420 (3x140mm) copper core radiator with Corsair® high airflow fans BiTurbo Pump Array: BiTurbo Dual Laing D5 Vario Pumps Reservoir: 400mL Bitspower Oversized Reservoir Coolant: EKoolant extra pure, distilled, and deionized water Memory: 64GB Corsair® Dominator™ Platinum DDR3-2133 1.65V (8x8GB) Graphics and GPGPU Accelerator: 4x NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX TITAN Black 24GB Total GDDR5 In SLI [EK Watercooled] Power Supply: 1600 Watt LEPA G Series G1600-MA Hard Drive Bay One: 250GB Samsung® 840 EVO SSD (w/TRIM) [540MB/s Sequential Reads] Hard Drive Bay Two: 1TB Western Digital VelociRaptor SATA 6G 10,000rpm 64MB Cache Hard Drive Bay Three: 120GB Corsair® Force GT SSD SATA 6G (w/ TRIM) [555MB/s Reads] Hard Drive Bay Four: Pre-Wired SATA Backplane Expansion Bracket For Easy Upgrades Optical Drive One: 24X Dual Layer DVD RW Drive Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Angelic Service Warranty: Lifetime Angelic Service Labor and Phone Support with 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty Product Subtotal: $12,171.50 So their full liquid cooling and warranty add $4k to our custom build with basically the same exact parts (except using a Corsair 760T case, Cooler Master M2 1500w psu, and Corsair H110 cpu liquid cooler). So is that worth the extra peace of mind, OC speed, and a quieter build? Maybe, maybe not... For the same price we could build a 4960x workstation (with 4 780s) and a 4930k render node (with 4 780s). So similar total CPU power, but with almost 18,500 cuda cores total. So that seems to make more sense, but how much do we trust the network rendering? If anything doesn't work with that, I'm stuck with about the same CPU power as my 2010 mac pro and only 9000 cuda cores. With our current schedule, I don't have time to test anything before buying...hopefully the forums can be trusted I've also been trying to find a good i7 mobo that will handle the 4 GPUs and still have PCI-e slots to spare. Most seem to have only have 4, or the others that do have more get buried below the GPUs when they are installed. I really just need one more for a RAID related card. The ASUS Rampage IV Black, ASRock Extreme11, ASUS P9x79 WS, and Supermicro 7047GR-TRF seem to be the best boards so far. They each have their pros and cons.
  5. The time has finally come to leave our mac pros behind. We want to expand our use of Octane in C4D, so we have been looking at 4 GPU PC options. Does anyone here have experience with these? It looks like Boxx and a couple others have some options, but a custom built system seems to be the best value right now. How does a workstation based on these parts sound? CASE/MOTHERBOARD/PSU SUPERMICRO SYS-7047GR-TRF (4U Rackmountable / Tower Server Barebone Dual LGA 2011 Intel C602 DDR3 1600/1333/1066/800) Dual 10 core CPU Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 Ivy Bridge-EP 3.0GHz LGA 2011 130W Server Processor BX80635E52690V2 4 x GTX Titan Video Cards EVGA 06G-P4-3793-KR GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK Superclocked 6GB 32GB RAM SSD Cache Drive SSD System Drive Project Drive 1TB (Western Digital WD VelociRaptor 10k HD) Windows 7 (existing external RAID) If I could find some 6GB 780ti cards, I would go with those over the Titans, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. We may do some GPU render nodes based on a stripped down version of this too (basically 1 HD, and a lot cheaper CPU). Is Windows 7 still the best choice?
  6. Looking good Ed! Nice variety and pacing. You guys have been busy...
  7. I've been looking around at how various people have done the Titan online. Doesn't look too hard...just curious about what route you took. Did you do an external power supply? Which one? How about putting 2 titans in?
  8. Thanks guys. Great info. So dotcommer, how did you get the Titan Black running in your mac pro?
  9. Can anyone else comment on their experience with Octane in C4D so far? I'm looking at Octane and VRay for some interior arch vis stuff...
  10. Basically you want C4D to act like AE. I don't know if there is a solution for you...there wasn't one a good one the last time I checked. Search around a bit...you may get what you need out of the motion clip/layer functions.
  11. FWIW, I think I solved part of our problem by collecting all assets again, so that there are no textures being pulled from the content libraries. 6GB TR installs, and I can't used the content libraries...
  12. I'm really quite over TR. It has repeatedly been crashing C4D when I leave it to render overnight using the render queue. When are we going to get an update so I can actually use R15?
  13. Finally, after 3 years I have an all-new reel. Let me know what you think! Any/all feedback is welcome!!!
  14. Is this what you had in mind? videohive.net I think you could use particular or form for this. Just make a precomp that has 1 signature on each frame, and have either plugin time sample from random still frames. I know I've seen several tutorials on this, but I can't seem to find them right now...
  15. Ok, a couple years later...are there any other fixes for this now? The object buffer + motion vector passes is clunky to say the least...
  16. So after looking over all these specs, and cinebench marks from that same hardware on PCs, this new 12 core mac pro looks just as fast as my current dual 6 core 2010 mac pro when it comes to C4D. Am I missing something? So before we all go buy PCs that actually are twice as fast as what I'm currently using, what other options are there? Adding a bunch of mac minis and team rendering? or..?
  17. Wow, that is really cool. A couple questions: Are the texture files that it creates geotiffs or some other format that retains geo coordinates? Is there any way to specify a different source for the imagery other than what's in that list?
  18. So after paying for CC for months now, is anyone using these latest versions regularly? I've tried on a couple projects and had various issues that have made me go back to CS6/R14. The only CC app I regularly use now is Illustrator. How sad is that? Yes, PS and Encoder are growing on me, but I'm not using anything in CC that wasn't in CS6 in those apps. AE CC makes me choose between importing/using/rendering QTs and using my external (via internal AJA card) monitor. C4D's team render (more specifically it's lack of a good render queue) prevents us from using R15. Yes, I'm on a 2010 Mac Pro and have the limitations (no nvidia, etc) that come with that. So maybe if you are on newer hardware you are seeing more advantages? maybe? Are guys on PCs having any better luck?
  19. Chris Smith nailed it. I think everyone gets to this at some point in their career. The toughest part, at least for me, is figuring out what *really* is causing the burnout. Is it boredom with mograph? Is it lack of "end game" with mograph? is it just creative burnout? Is it your employer grinding you down? Is it coworkers? Is it lack of time off? Is it personal/family problems? Is it physical/psychological?...I think you get the idea. We don't stop enjoying what we once loved to do for no reason. Regardless of the cause and fix, digging deep to figure out your motivations is never a bad thing to do. If you're looking for just a non-personal comparison between industries, I'm sure we can give you some biased answers here too. My 2 cents: Compare the number of successful IPOs on techcrunch.com vs the bankrupt vfx/design companies on fxguide.com/etc. Which industry can scale? Which has better profit margins? Which provides the lifestyle/locations you want?
  20. I'm a little underwhelmed. Is it just me, or does this seem more like a .5 upgrade? Don't get me wrong, I'll still buy it just to have a modern bevel tool, but where are the big headline new features?
  21. So I'm having this weird issue with the velocity curve (for the position values on an animated object) capping out in the timeline. I think the velocity keeps going but +/- this arbitrary value (1000) the velocity line is flat. It's like it's hitting some kind of limit somewhere. I have nothing set on any of the keyframe properties (no clamps, no zero anything, etc). The interpolation is spline. This happens whenever the velocity gets to that limit, and not starting/stopping at a given keyframe. It is happening to all objects in the scene. I've changed the project scale units and unit display options, and still nothing helps. What is going on here?
  22. Update: Seems related to our Kona 3 QT drivers. Took all the AJA* components out of the Library/QT folder and it renders fine. No preview out anymore though...
  23. I'm having a similar issue with QTs as simonfarussell. What did you remove from the library folder? I can't render to QTs from AE CC. CS6 still works fine on that machine. I've tried several things, including turning off mutli-processing and got it to render 1 test file...turned it back on and no luck...then turned it back off and still no luck. Did the usual repair permissions, update everything, etc. It also seems to not want to import h264 qts either.
  24. Seems ok here...but am I missing something on how to specify which object buffer is used? It seems to be only letting me use #1...
  25. Got the main stuff except AE installed...we have to finally get off 10.6.8...
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