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  1. Hey we do a bit of this stuff too. We've used geographic-imager within photoshop for mosaic-ing together all the data from the USGS site, the USDA, and various sites from the states that the locations are at. That way we can create a very large photoshop file that has the DEM data plus the high res photo data, all geo-synced together. Then save out tifs from there for each shader channel we need (DEM->displacement, photo->color, photo+color correction->bump, etc.) Sometimes the Geotiffs even have an alpha that is infrared or something that really brings out the water, which we can color correct to use as a reflection/specular matte. Using Google Earth to help figure out exact elevation ranges and using real units in C4D also help keep everything accurate.
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    Perfect. I have a similar setup, so that is what I was looking for. Another question: Can you animate extrusions along a path?
  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Some useful stuff there. One thing though, you can keyframe the count/etc there just by control+clicking the icon after you type in the new value...just don't hit enter or click anywhere else first.
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    So how does the rendering speed compare to a similiar setup in CS6?
  5. While we're on this topic, is there some way to have new objects created on the layer of the object you currently have selected? (For example, I'm working on some objects all on the same layer, with just that layer visible, and when I group them they disappear because the new null that is created isn't part of any layer...so I have to show all layers again add that new null to the layer I'm working with and then keep going..)
  6. You need to copy over all the grey scale textures that the net renders are missing. Your admin computer is finding those files in its library, and your net renders don't have the same library files. Just do a 'save project' to collect all your files and recopy that over to your net server.
  7. We just recently picked up Syntheyes. It works great with C4d and AE. So far it's only been for easier shots, but it's worked perfect.
  8. I second turbosquid...I've bought some phone or phone related models there recently, and they were even in .c4d format already. Texturing wasn't terrible, but it took some time to get everything looking right together. Google's 3D warehouse has also been useful, especially for items like brand name appliances, fixtures, large home items, etc. Of course quality varies substantially on both those places.. Here is the free iphone 4 model that's been floating around.
  9. Hey guys, I've been looking around for videos promoting apps (or even just the phones)...have you come across any good ones? Any companies that specialize in this sort of thing? Thanks!!
  10. I've had some success with Riptide, it just depends on how the textures are built. I think the version I have is only 32bit as well, so I have to restart C4D to 64bit after every time I use it.
  11. ehealthinsurance.com has worked for us before. It all depends on how big your family is and if anyone has any pre-existing medical conditions, but that site has some good starting points and companies to contact.
  12. Macworld's Opinion Bare Feats Tests More Tests So how much do you want to wait for rendering? If it were me, I would probably go for a fast 6 or 8 core setup just to make sure I have enough $$ for 24+ GB of RAM and the 5870 card...
  13. You should also create an HDRI of the living room to help with the lighting of your 3D objects. FX Guide.com may also have some tips for you.
  14. I have the same issue. Last I read, it is just a bug that we are all having to deal with..
  15. If you're going for what an iMac has to offer, definitely get the i7 (it's worth it over the i5). If you have more cash, go for the 8 or 12 core Mac Pro.
  16. You might check out this lens flare script for another way of approaching it..
  17. AE has *never* been backwards compatible. Why expect it now? As for benchmarks, here's this. For those too lazy to click, barefeats is saying that early tests show CS5 is about 20% faster than CS4...
  18. Try turning down the strength of the effector, the animation speed option, and/or the scale. I think your problem is from one or a combination of all of those being set too high.
  19. response: from a link on LifeHacker.com
  20. Make sure the mo dynamics tag on your connected collision object has 'static mesh' selected for the shape. Also check that the collision object's geometry is as clean and simple as possible.
  21. maybe check http://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ ?
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