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  1. Good to hear it wasn't that bad going down to DVD. Did you have to do any additional transitions to go to the submenus to cover the change in the background animation? I have a good idea of how blu-ray works and how much more potential there is (creatively) over DVD, but I haven't actually done a blu-ray project for Giant. So what places out there actually have the higher end Scenarist or Blu-print? How much do things change for PSP? I have zero experience with that format.. A 24-48 hour window for a blu-ray project? Wow. Does that include revisions?
  2. Don't forget about the textures that come with Cinema in the Content Browser (there are at least 2 cement textures under 'basic'). They sometimes make for a good starting point...
  3. Very nice. How much did you have to change the design for DVD from that nice Blu-ray version? I've done some freelance DVD menu design for Giant Interactive (so MTV, HBO Films, A&E, concert DVDs, etc)...
  4. not to hijack the thread, but how stable have you guys been with Vista & CS4/C4D? I don't know what is to blame, but compared to our old rock solid G5 setup, the Mac Pros we bought in late '08 are not any more stable than I what I remember of my old PCs. I don't know if it is CS4, Cinema r11, Kona 3, or the Mac Pro, but I get a lot more random crashes and have had as many hard restarts in the last 6 months as we had in the previous 3 years with the G5s. Does anyone know if the brand new Mac Pros are any better?
  5. That's why it's so fitting for them to have such an ugly logo...it hits their target demo perfectly.
  6. So are we still up for tonight at the Shoppe?
  7. it sounds like a GI problem. Change your GI setting to Camera animation or object animation, depending on what is happening in your scene, and then render. If you are still getting problems up the GI IR settings from medium to high.
  8. drag it under a null or possibly Functions>Reset System and check "offsets"
  9. If you want to stick with AT&T so you can eventually get an iPhone, maybe try an LG Vu or Sony Erricson w760. The Vu is a cheaper, striped down version of the iphone, but it has a nice display. I recently went with the Sony (mainly because I didn't want the touchscreen) and it plays my reel very well (good display and loud sound).
  10. I don't know if you caught this recently on motionographer, but another good example: http://ohhello.tv/index.php/work/view/micr...sustainability/
  11. Can anyone also recommend for/against certain agents/managers?
  12. I'll go for Thursday, and some where in Denver...
  13. A couple shows on History Channel have some decent styles...
  14. We have an Aja Kona 3 on a new Mac Pro and don't have any problems with colors being washed out (but everything is SDI I think..). You might want to try some color calibration tool across all your monitors and see if that helps even things out (the ColorVision Spyder2 is what I've used in the past to help bring the preview monitor closer to the main monitor).
  15. I would say a bunch of illustrator files that were tiled together in AE with the seams being at each of the straight segments. Then just vary the linear wipe amount...
  16. Go with just a basic 3 point light setup and then do a large reflection card/plane on each side, and maybe play with some Fresnel settings on the reflection channel of that pin's textures.
  17. Yes, we've used it quite a bit. It flickers like crazy for any kind of animation worth doing. Stills look great and are fairly easy to setup (if you don't need exact results, just some kind of environment). Check the CGSociety forum and cornucopia3d.com forums for more details about it. xStream is very unstable...at least v6 was, but I doubt v7 would be much better. After spending a lot of time on the program, we've basically given up trying to use it because of the bugs, instability, and animation flicker. We just use Cinema 4D w/ Mograph now...
  18. All your HD outputs can handle 24p (actually 23.976) just fine without any conversion. When you author your SD DVD, you will need to enable the 3:2 pulldown option for that DVD only. You shouldn't mix 24p animation with video sources that were shot at 30fps. Use all 24p animation and video, or all 30fps animation and video.
  19. It's the editor thing that threw me off (I'm on a Mac). I never use the display tags for visibility and I forgot why...
  20. Are you going for a BA or just an AA? I would say in general it is a very good thing to have a BA, but it is not required to get started as a designer. All that extra knowledge they are trying to teach you is an attempt to make you more well rounded. That more well rounded part helps out if you ever want to move up above a designer position to some sort of management position. I would make sure you are in the right program, and maybe consider moving to an animation/mograph specific major to help get through the rest of your degree. Internships/other work experience really helps to figure out exactly where you want to end up when your finished with school as well..
  21. The display tag doesn't effect rendering. You need to animate the color of the alpha channel on that object's texture from black to white over that 100 frames.
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