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  1. The biggest problem will be with plugins that aren't available in both versions, or with large scenes that will need more than 3GB of RAM to render. As long as you don't "need" the 32-bit net renders to complete your renders, go for it. We have a couple 32-bit net renders still on our farm, but we don't rely on them being used on every render.
  2. Is Avid trying to interpret fields when you rendered full frames? or vice versa? We usually have the best results with fields, just make sure Avid imports them that way too.
  3. http://www.giantoctopus.com/
  4. hey since we're on the subject, do any of you use a loaded iMac (24") or just Mac Pros?
  5. why not just use the compositing tag on that floor object and turn on 'compositing background'?
  6. while we're on this topic, is it possible in C4D 11 to get the zdepth pass to see transparency/alpha in textures? (I have cardboard cutout trees that look fine in the render, but not so much in the zdepth pass)
  7. that's an awesome critique...hey I would just add/re-iterate the part about the "iPhone address bars" needs to change. It just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the spot and is rather boring. There is a lot of wasted screen space both times when that is used. my quick $.02
  8. hey so did we all decide on where to meet?
  9. macsales.com is where we just bought 24GB ram for each of our new Mac Pros...every piece runs great. You should get at least 8GB (for 1GB per core).
  10. We have the Meridien codec working just fine on our Intel Mac Pros w/ Leopard. We don't have any Microsoft products on them to know if there are any problems there, but FC, AE, etc. work just fine. I don't know what the latest versions are, but the drivers we have are version 1.4, dated 3/15/07, and were being used before on our old G5s. No problems at all and the Avid Newscutters here read the files just fine.
  11. You will need to install all your current programs onto the new machine (not just copy them over from the old one), but that should be it for those programs. A bigger concern may be all the plugins that may require a paid upgrade...
  12. I was the first person to graduate from AIC with a VEMG degree, so things have changed a little since I was there, but I think it was a very worthwhile experience. You definitely get out of it what you put into it though. I would say it is the best school for this field outside of the coasts. If you are set on Colorado, AIC is your best choice. The price has definitely gone up over the last few years, but with your discount it is still probably worth it. Another big question is where do you want to live when you are done with school? If you are just going to go to LA/NYC, you might as well go there now and go to a better school. Then if you are in LA/NYC, you may be able to find companies you would be willing to give you more training and you may not have to spend so much on your education. I don't know of any companies in Denver who would be willing to do that. There are some paid internships out here, but the majority are unpaid. You may be able to get a job before you graduate, but those are hard to find.
  13. It is definitely worth getting a 7200 rpm drive over a 5400 rpm drive, no question. If your computer has firewire 800, definitely go that route too. We've had pretty good luck with LaCie and Western Digital externals here..
  14. So has anyone one seen a good guide to how to break down your freelance hourly rate by percent of expenses, etc. Like 30% for taxes, 15% for equipment, etc.? I've seen ones that help you calculate based on annual numbers, but no guides to what percentage of your hourly rate should be covering what.
  15. So would any of you recommend against going with 24GB of ram, or is there reason to stick with just 16GB or 32GB for these 8-core Macs?
  16. That's happened several times on our Apple 23" monitors, and we just leave them on for awhile with a color screen saver/regular work and they come back to normal within a few days.
  17. just out of curiosity, what is similar to 'material x' in C4D? What do you guys typically do in Cinema for good glass?
  18. import the file twice...one with the alpha being ignored, and one using the straight alpha.
  19. jblessing

    Mograph/VFX Artist

    Overall, I would say it's pretty good for a graduating reel ...a couple things though: for being a "mograph & vfx reel", there really could be more mograph. I would also try to lead with a stronger starting piece. Some of your vfx shots need shadows (especially the guy walking across the street shot) and reflections. Watch the legibility of the text in the mograph pieces (once upon a game is hard to read, etc). There could also be more in the background of the pool table piece, and I would also continue the lines you have on your web site in the background of the bumpers of reel with the same title object. The overall pace seems a little slow too...
  20. letterbox. Then if possible, try to keep the letterboxed spots and 4:3 spots together in groups so that the switch between them isn't as frequent (and therefore as noticeable). (In my reel I also did a partial letter box on the 4:3 spots to help them blend together)
  21. jblessing

    Blender 3D

    Hey and tutorials about more details of the fluid simulator would be great too..
  22. I'll be there. Did you guys ever end up finding someone with a laptop?
  23. I would highly recommend against trying to do that in Shake. It will take a ton longer than in AE, or even 3ds max.
  24. I would second the net render client route. Works well for me...
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