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  1. I've heard a couple good things about Base Camp, but I haven't started using anything more than Excel/Mail either.
  2. I wish I could make it, but I can't be there tonight. So is anyone also planning on going to the CFVA meeting next Wednesday?
  3. yes, definitely the best spot I've EVER seen for a casino. I hope it gets lots of air time... hey and that's going to be a great view from your 'office'..
  4. I would second graymachine's idea to put the Rockstar project first, and I would suggest killing the gray spray paint stuff that comes 2nd (or at least up until the point when the cityscape and lights come on...that part went with the music pretty well). The music at the end of the reel should also do more than just a slower fade out. I like the design of your site, but turn down the site music. Good luck!
  5. I can't make it either. Client meeting...hopefully I'll make the next one.
  6. My attitude has been that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. If I get a cease and desist letter, then I'll change my music. Really, I think if you're using a smaller band's music, you're helping get their name out there. So what's the big deal?
  7. jblessing


    Do you really "need" the Emmy? I mean, do you already have several and this is "just another Emmy" or would this be one of your first? Then if it is that important, is it worth bugging your former coworkers over? I get how you feel. While I was still working at a company, another department got an emmy nomination for something I did the graphics for and left me off it too (even though they put 6 names on the entry, including the news director!). No one in our department was happy about that either, but we let it go when they didn't win and all 3 of my nominations that year did...
  8. I'll be there! Who else can make it?
  9. What are you pitching? In general, there are some posts on freelanceswitch.com that may be helpful...
  10. Here is my latest update to my reel. What do you guys think? Should anything be cut? Anything you want to see more of? Thanks!
  11. I'd be interested. I'll also mention High Noon Entertainment here too..
  12. *bump* So who's still here in Denver? Anyone new?
  13. I've had them for about the same amount of time, and with 0 problems as well..
  14. Hey I was wondering what you guys do to mail you reel to other companies. I've done some in the past, but I want a complete package that I can put the DVD into and mail. I care more about getting the receiver's attention than cost to mail, etc.
  15. Just select all you layers in the timeline, set them to their correct duration, and then righ click->Keyframe Assistant>Sequence layers. Is that what you mean?
  16. That's great. They should also add an "everywhere else" category...
  17. Possibly Troika? They've done Food Network stuff and they did the CW branding. It's a nice spot, but too much like the CW look IMO.
  18. I'm having problems getting a text object to render using the net render (everything Cinema is v10.1). I can render it fine on my machine, but it disappears using net render. I can't convert it to splines because I have the horizontal spacing animating. Putting that font on every net render machine would also take a bit of time. Any other solutions?
  19. I've used these "Ejector" cases in the past for simple yet unique presentations.
  20. http://www.automaticduck.com Works great for that. You get some effects and transitions carried over, along with clip info for capturing in FCP. It also allows you to take an EDL from Avid to FCP into After Effects..
  21. AIGA conference in Denver, today through Sunday. Anyone going/here? Thoughts on these conferences in general? http://designconference2007.aiga.org
  22. ah...it was the extra points. The model was built in another program and then I brought it into Cinema. I untriangulated everything, and fixed the geometry on the offending pieces, but never looked for stray points. Cleaned those up and everything now looks as it should... thanks!
  23. ao_problem.mov So here's the clip of a problem I'm having with AO in Cinema 4D 10...basically I'm getting random flickers at random places throughout my renders. It happens most frequently in certain corners, but I've cleaned up the geometry in those areas with no real improvement in AO flicker. I am net rendering this scene, but even when I just preview render in my editor window I get these glitches. AO settings don't seem to be effecting these problems. I turn off AO and these things go away (so it's not a problem with my lights, etc.). (My scene is lit with HDR and a few additional spot lights). Any ideas about what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks!!
  24. hey dumb question on this same topic: I've rendered out a multilayer psd with an object buffer in it (among other things) and now I can't seem to get AE to see that extra object buffer channel in those files. I've tried applying the 3D channel effects to the psd sequence, but no luck. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to re-render it for separate files for each multipass option (ie no multilayer)?
  25. Thanks for the help. The UV Terrace command helped some areas, but I've still had some areas that I can't figure out how to fix (I've tried the align normals before with untriangulating into n-gons with limited success). Is there another way of filling in the holes in the geometry and keeping the surrounding UV mapping ok?
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