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  1. http://vimeo.com/7898676
  2. Thanks. Thanks for checking it out.
  3. My new reel: http://www.halfadeer.com/'>http://www.halfadeer.com/ I had about half a day to slap this thing together, grabbing clips from my HDs like a thief in the louvre. [not that my stuff is....umm...louvre worthy. ...] I'd planned on giving it another pass & trimming the fat, but my schedule wouldn't have it, so it is what it is =). [the same goes for my "anti-interactive site".] Let me know what you think! Thanks - - Evan ★ Evan Fellers 857.222.6523 fellers@halfadeer.com HALFADEER, LLC MOTION DESIGN / VFX http://www.halfadeer.com _________________________
  4. Nice work. Some really creative stuff. Your second reel reel was shorter, but I think maybe you should reconfigure it, not just trim it up a bit. I also think you linger on a some of your cooler "pieces" for a just a bit too long. Like, the shot where all of those pictures come together to spell "ONE", if you cut out of that before they all scatter, it would leave the viewer, I think in a bit more "awe", rather than seeing them hover there for a few seconds & disperse (although that's cool, too...). Basically, cutting the fat off either side of your animations/shots so that it's a little more bam, BAM, BAM! & the viewer, sort of, well, doesn't have time to think about what they've just seen, because you're hittin' with something else by then, leaving them more continually stimulated (visually...). Take Care- --adios
  5. I want to say FinalCut one more time...
  6. Thanks, everyone. I just...umm..yeah, do stuff. I threw the "reel" together in 30 min. in FinalCut... ...the clips are pretty much in the alphabetical order in which they came into FinalCut. I like not looking at anything I've done in a year & then all of the sudden having this bucket of material to play with in FinalCut...fun to chop up. Have a good day - Drink lots of water - Do some push-ups -
  7. just threw up a new "experimental work / reel" if anyone wants to check it out. www.halfadeer.com (click on experimental at bottom) hope everyone's feeling good in their bodies & heads. -HalfADeer-
  8. HalfADeer

    - SHOWREEL -

    Thanks guys! Look back in a few weeks for more. Appreciate your comments. - halfadeer.com -
  9. HalfADeer

    - SHOWREEL -

    www.halfadeer.com click "showreel" comments & criticism appreciated. i'm in the process of overhauling it & adding another year's worth of content. thanks.
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