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  1. Teddy

    Table Manners

    I have not been on this forum for rather a while, but I just wanted to share our most recent little animation with you guys. Hope you like it.
  2. Teddy

    New website

    Hi Guys, Just made a new website for myself. Please take a look. http://o-motion.co.uk/ Olly
  3. Teddy

    Seasonal Animation

    Yeah I used to just slice everything up and parent it all together. The little girl animation was really just a test for using that script. It certainly worked though and I will definitely be using it again.
  4. Teddy

    Seasonal Animation

    Hi Joe, I separated out all hat and head pieces in Photoshop. But for the body I just used the puppet tool and then rigged it using this extremely handy little tool/script http://aescripts.com/gg_puppettools/ Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks Willryan, I think that may be the best solution in this case.
  6. Thanks Jay and Gerkx, unfortunately as i mentioned the project already has hundreds of masked images with in it that I need to replace with different sized images and then rescale so using an alpha above won't work. It was really just a question of wether there was an option when using the pan behind tool to also scale that image (perhaps with a keyboard short cut ) But I get the impression there is not. But thank you both for the suggestions.
  7. Thanks Jay, that is what I am currently doing but unfortunately it is the ability to scale behind the mask that I am having difficulty with. I would normally just use a matte layer or something on top but unfortunately I have hundreds of masks that I need to replace the footage in and then re scale the image. I almost need to be able to animate in Indesign for this dry job.
  8. Quick question, Ok so if I have the anchor point tool selected in AE it is possible to shift an object around within a mask without moving the mask. But is there a way to scale that image with out also scaling the mask. I have tried lots of variants of holding apple, shift etc but nothing seems to work? Thanks, Olly
  9. I made this little animation the other day to practice my character animation. I hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/51990347
  10. Teddy

    New showreel

    Hi Please check out my new showreel, any feedback welcome. http://www.o-motion....motion-showreel I hope you guys like it.
  11. Teddy

    New website

    Just updated my website, please take a look www.o-motion.co.uk
  12. As no one has left you any feed back i will, I think it is really nice, great music and great feel. The one thing I would say is perhaps towards the end it gets a little repetitive or at least I feel I have already seen everything you have to offer, but if you where to end it a little sooner (perhaps 1 min) I think you would leave people wanting more. Olly
  13. Just looked at the same website clicked around a bit then typed in After effects again and it came back with £ 34 k as the average..... think the website might be a bit loopy.
  14. Teddy

    Updated Showreel

    Recently updated my showreel, Any comments/criticism welcome. www.o-motion.co.uk Cheers, Olly
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