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  1. Hi, I need some samples/examples of animations where objects/titles wrap around something. The only one I can think of is Beautiful Life Belvedere commercial, but I can't find it anywhere... Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. I have to find the best way to go about training artists on C4D. Are there any companies who can set up classes on location that you can suggest in NYC? Or a training website that times the artists and I can check their progress and how much they learned/accomplished? Thank you for your help!
  3. Surprisingly Edgeworx. I know, for a large pretty well know company not to pay is rather strange, but after multiple reminders and invoices, nothing for almost a year!
  4. Redesign

    TADA in nyc

    I'm down for a meet up, won't be going to Pause but I'm always up for drinks with fellow mographers
  5. Anyone going? I won't be able to go but will be in the area if anyone wants to meet up
  6. that's pretty sick, would of been nice to see it prior to redesigning my company's. Just finished it, they wanted a slate info with the count down together... I'll try to post it later...
  7. Redesign


    it would of been first, and i didn't bug, i quietly asked once and left it alone hoping the project wouldn't win... when it did, it bothered me but i choose not to press the issue instead vent on mograph and it helped =) online therapy for an irritated designer.
  8. Redesign


    No, I no longer work there or was there at the time of submission, but I left on very good terms and I finished the piece while working there, it was not like I did one graphic, I contributed a significant amount of my time and energy to it. And I keep in touch with most of my former coworkers. I guess its easy to forget about someone when they are no longer around and are several states away. Editing is a big part of promos and campaigns too... Most of the smoke editors from the former comp have their names submitted, more so than designers...
  9. Redesign


    Its too late now for the company to do anything, if I was more upset as I feel I should be, I would go to the Emmy committee and report it or at least write them a letter, but I think I will let it go and like you said think about it every now and than... Thanks for the input...
  10. Redesign


    oh and they are using the same campaign I worked on this year!
  11. Redesign


    Ok, I just wanted to find out if anyone ever been in this predicament and what your thoughts are. At a previous job, one of the projects I worked on was nominated for an emmy, it was a joined effort of five people and only three were put down for the award. The other person received an emmy for a different project. This particular project did win the emmy and afterwards when I asked why my name was not put down the company just said "oops, sorry". There was another woman who also worked on the project and her name was included although she no longer works there... I know its a local emmy awards and they are not a big deal but I've noticed at every place I work at, the credit is rarely given to the deserving person. I guess I am upset that having done a lot of work for that project and my former coworkers recognizing my contributions, not getting a mention felt like a low blow.
  12. I agree with everything that was said prior, but I also think your talent will carry through. Concepts and good ideas. I know I don't know immediately how I will achieve a certain effect or motion but I come up with a concept first and once approved I figure out how to execute it. Because unless you want to be an operator pushing buttons all your life, to eventually get ahead you need creativity first. If you've got that and good ideas, you can relax a bit, recharge from learning the latest software/plugins. Usually employers can spot talent/creativity over boring tutorials.
  13. good find... something entertaining to talk about with my coworker besides renders and comps.
  14. Very cool, I love the textures and the formation from porous to clean and sleek.
  15. A comp from last summer for a Nat Geo show, we pitched different design to the client that has since went in to production.
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