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  1. Thanks for all the help guys, ill be giving it a try soon!
  2. Can i see what the desired effect is supposed to look like, I dont think i know how to do this, but it would be great to know what kind of a effect it is and how to achieve it.
  3. Ive noticed it in a couple places, but basically its string that is attached to two different objects, and when the objects move the string stretches and bounces based on the movement. Here is a video for reference. Example The black string that ties the reels together. How do i achieve this effect in AE?
  4. Echo

    Particular to a null

    There it is....thanks a ton
  5. ive been using particular with a light, anyone have the URL for particular to a null? Thanks!?
  6. thanks again, was able to get it to loop and works our great... hopefully when i get this thing all fixed up with other graphics i can show it
  7. weird, when i just reset the cig smoke setting and then just click loop it still is slightly off.
  8. suggestions for making the cigarette smoke loop? its using form, and i have the loop flow but i dont think its looping the animation...
  9. you guys are a life saver... thank you a ton, my boss likes the cig smoke the best... not really what was in the design but hey, its what he likes so thanks a ton...
  10. hahaha thanks a ton you guys... still playing around with the file now, still not a hit with the boss though... thanks though
  11. yeah im waiting as well... whoever harry is...
  12. yeah i trying it now... it still doesn't feel right, i think its a mix of like smoke and ink in water, slowly moving, fading off, wrapping within itself... hrmmm maybe you guys have seen something like this on a reel or something?
  13. thanks again though for the quick reply's..
  14. i dont think particular will give you this effect... the boss wants it basically the smoke image but animated... thats why its a pain... i have tried suggesting different directions but no bites...
  15. Main Image: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3086/289008...572ec7e0f_o.png I am trying to achieve a smoke effect without using stock footage, i have used trapcodes form and simple effecting the psd file in AE but im wondering if there is something you guys can suggest i try... here are some links to what i have done: form in action Thanks for the help!
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