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  1. Yes ive had the same problem, anything with motion graphics, with gradients and fast movement looks horrible once i upload to youtube.
  2. Ive also had trouble rendering out good youtube video quality. Are there any tutorials out there for rendering from after effects to youtube. OR quicktime to youtube?
  3. thanks gray. So i basically ad this script to each object right?
  4. Is there a way to write a script that the camera in AE, makes the images farthest away lose saturation and the ones that are close at full saturation. Any help or links would be great.
  5. Are there any good motion/interactive agencies/ shops NY. The last agency i was at EVB in Sanfran, is one of the best that combined both disciplines. Are there agencies or shops on the east that can do both? Most agencies only do one or the other. Thanks
  6. sorry about that, i got it to fall but i cant get it too disperse or dissentegrate to dust
  7. or just somebody help me find slow falling dirt footage.
  8. I have to create falling dirt from a flower pot when u rip out the roots, i tried particular in ae but it doesnt seem naturall any thoughts to make this work. Basically i want to show crumbling dirt falling of a pot and then desentigrating. please help. thanks
  9. I just moved to San Fran from NYC for a long term freelance gig. I was wondering if there was any good After effects or Cinema 4d classes here. Any help would be great.
  10. I keep confusing you two, and i cant figure out the difference. U guys seem to be the smartest when it comes to mographics, who is smarter btw.
  11. Im trying to find out who worked on this TVland promo. Any suggestions or ideas. Thanks people. i pity the fool website.
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