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  1. Hi. I'm looking for some inspirational spots where live action footage turns into a still or drawing which transitions into a different world. I'm not sure if there's a certain term for this technique. Please let me know if you know any good examples. Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm trying to match move a green screen shot with tracking markers. The problem is AE assigns tracking poins on the actor, not the markers. Is there any way I can manually assign tracking points on the markers? Thanks!
  3. Hello fellow mographers! I have tons of 1920x1080 comps that need to be output in letterboxed 720x486 quicktimes. I know I can create regular SD comps and place the HD comps inside them. But I have way too many HD comps and don't want to make SD comps for each. I have to manually resize all the nested comps, too! Is there any way I can do this in the output module? Being a lazy AE guy, I'm in desperate need of a preset that takes a 16x9 comp and places it nicely inside a letterboxed 4x3 comp without changing the aspect ratio of the original comp. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hey guys, I've narrowed down my choice into two: 3.33 GHz 4-core Intel Xeon Nehalem 2.66 GHz 8-core Intel Xeon Nehalem I'm getting 2GB RAMs for each core. I'll be using After Effects most of the time and C4D once in a while. My main concern is the speed of RAM preview. I can care less about the render time. Does multiprocessing make RAM preview faster? Thank you for your help!
  5. There's a plug-in called Image Lounge Border Patrol. http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/c...ounge/features/ They don't have an example on their site, but what it does is it creates strokes around alpha edges. It works great and provides lots of tweakability. No pre-comping necessary!
  6. I've seen some companies requiring union membership for freelance positions. What exactly is a union membership and how can I get it? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm cutting my reel in final cut. All of my videos are in quicktime format w/ animation compression. When I drag it to the time line, a red bar appears above the clip, meaning Final Cut demands rendering before I can preview it. It's a productivity killer!! I don't have that issue with my DV footage. Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way I can edit without rendering every clip, like I normally would when editng DV footage?
  8. I'm running AE 6.5 on my G5 Quad. I recently upgraded my RAM to 4GB. But AE's using only 2GB of RAM. Is there any way AE can take advantage of more RAM? I heard it can use up to 3.5 GB. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey fellow mographers, I have a spec work for SciFi Channel (station ID). I'm thinking about selling this concept to them, but don't have a clue where to start. I've never approached a client myself. I know it's a bold move for a newbie freelancer like me, but I really want to step out of my comfort zone. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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