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  1. https://vimeo.com/85617572 Collection of my personal and commercial work up to January 2014 Cheers
  2. Hi I just uploaded my new demo. A compilation of my work in 2011 Cheers Thomas http://vimeo.com/37195762
  3. TOPH


    http://vimeo.com/19525288 The Council of Europe is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Convention for the protection of personal data, known as "Convention 108". The Council of Europe has released a hard-hitting short film highlighting the dangers posed by those who wish to illegally obtain private data. Written and directed by Thomas Heckel Director of photography - Grégory Rodriguez First assistant - Thomas Cerciat Music - Jeremy Birchall Visual effects and Editing - Thomas Heckel Grading and Editing Christophe Reynaud Still Photographer - Sandro Weltin Production - SEPPIA Pascaline Geoffroy, Agnès Divoux, Jérémie Gentais, Karima Hajji © 2011 Council of Europe www.thomas-heckel.com
  4. TOPH

    Thomas Heckel

    Hi Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you for the end, it's so difficult to make a demo :-). But the idea was to show different style of works. 3D 2D movie clip and show for the opera ... and more .. (that the cool thing when you are freelance, you can work and meet with so many different people ... if anybody is in NewYork and want try work with me .. i would love too) Thank you for your time
  5. TOPH

    Thomas Heckel

    What are you thinking ?
  6. TOPH

    Thomas Heckel

    Hi My Freelance work 2009-2010 http://vimeo.com/14422726 Thank's for this forum http://www.thomas-heckel.com/
  7. TOPH


    Thank you very much for your reply !!! I agrea with you with the logo. But the shadow was too dark on the white screen even with the opacity down. And after the text disappears. I choose this option it's between the shadow and the reflect but its not perfect. I had only 5 day (and 5 night) for this movie and i really want to try the reflect on the floor on the 3D object but i had 8 3D sequences with occlusion for the shadow and 2hours of rendering for 1 sequence.... the reflect was too much... I had to make choices ... too bad i saw so many things to remake .. Next movie :-) Maybe i gonna found a job in NY with this movie .. it's my dream :-))) Thank you for post he makes me happy
  8. TOPH


    Hy My new movie The new Technology Center from GE ENERGY http://vimeo.com/3943016 Thomas Heckel http://www.thomas-heckel.com
  9. Ok graymachine i understand. I create my own intro in my last demo 2006. The next time I would do mine Thank you and sorry again for my language sometimes i don't understand correctly. (but my choice of color in this one is good no ? .... ok ok it's a joke ... sorry )
  10. Hey Chris, I'm taking english lessons ! :-) Thank you for the suggestions. I give you the link to youtube if you want to watch the all thing in the futur with all my new experience and the tutorials helping i would be able to "break the house" (it's a french expression meaning "Hell yeah") :-) thanks for your time ps: i wish one day i could see some of your works
  11. Yes it's Andrew and ??? I like the particular plugin. And Andrew is a good source of inspiration like full with another thing. For what is used the tuto if not?. I have 2min with other animation. i don't have 10 years of experience so i try. Why do you blame me ? I like this so i use this ...with my style ! Sorry for my english
  12. Hello Welcome to my new web site and my new demo 2008 http://www.thomas-heckel.com
  13. TOPH

    Play with fire

    Of course pierre michel is very good director ! but it's just for explain. I try different stuff First this is a simulation of videoprojection. The flame is create with trapcode form. I tested the projection on screen 23 meter .. the illusion is very good. This is a opera so the objectif is illusion. Simulation with the decorator chief we filmed true fire reel fire it's not bad but .... so true .... And i try in 3D C4D it's cool and in this moment i mix this with the particular. Because and i wan't too add sparkle. This is the reason of the picture to pierre michel. I will tested DPIT Nature spirit plugin Thank's
  14. TOPH

    Play with fire

    Hy It's me again ! I want to do this : I have take different test with particular it's cool I want to test with cinema 4D for another example Somebody have try in 3D Thank's and sorry again for english
  15. TOPH

    Play with fire

    It's a opera show and i have un screen with 20m. The flame need to take all of base screen. Sometimes the flame moving up and sometimes down. Sorry again for my english
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