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  1. I got it. Now I have another computer child! I just have to max out the ram. Has 64 bit OS on it too, which is pretty cool. I know it's probably sacrilegious to some mac people, but I still want to have an XP load on it for Maya. Have any of you tried installing XP (or loading Bootcamp?) Thanks!!
  2. He's selling it for 1k. Thanks for all the info guys, much appreciation. I like having a portable workstation with me but don't expect the performance of a desktop. I didn't realize AE still had issues going between PC and MAC. I haven't had any issues yet, but that's coo coo.
  3. A friend is selling his 17" Macbook pro with Core2Duo 2.33 Ghz. Unfortunately, he doesn't use After Effects and couldn't tell me how it would do handling heavy files (or Maya, or rendering.) How well would this run After Effects and Maya? I'm all PC and want to have a backup Mac. Any idear how much this thing is worth? I don't want to overpay and it's a couple years old. Do any of you have this lappy or have used one as a portable work station? Thanks!
  4. When you're ready to print in Illustrator, rasterize all of your vectors. That will smooth out the jagged edges. It's not really an Adobe thing, but more of a printer thing.
  5. Not to go off-topic, but do the majority of you work from home/remote?
  6. Your reel starts out really good, then starts repeating itself over and over and over. It's way too long and would have much more impact if it were about 45 seconds. Just choose the best few seconds from each clip, and try not to repeat them. Your work is strong. Just cut out all the repeats.
  7. I briefly worked for a company with the "slave workers" mentality, and I refused be used as such. When I quit, I was asked not to and got offered a better position. Did I stay? No. Other people there also stood up for themselves, and also eventually quit. But you know what? The ones who stayed either eventually were fired, or are still stuck there. Like you, they're afraid if they don't obey and work 80+ hour weeks, they'll be fired. It's kind of a manipulative system. Like Pixel says, you seriously have to respect yourself and set boundaries. Otherwise, no one will see you as worthy of their respect. Unless you suck and are easily expendable, have some confidence. And maybe find better companies to work for.. By the way, this is the best line of text on mograph at the moment.
  8. I'm a lady. I animate, design, and can do 3d too! Maybe FireBetty and I should start modeling hot 3d man cats for our desktops. There are women around, but few. Just about every studio I've gone to/worked with has been all men. The only women were receptionists/accounts/client services/etc. whatever. However, "similar working field" doesn't have to be this industry.
  9. Along the guidelines of FireBetty, often treat your women like girlfriends/wives rather than roommates and you'll both be much more happy. Find something you both like to do together, play SNES on Sunday mornings. Women like connecting. However, not everyone you date will be compatible with you. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to pick up a lady friend who is in a similar working field.
  10. White people with tans don't look Mexican, they look like orange white people. Good luck.
  11. Ok, Motus. The illustrations and designs are good. Your concepts are strong, but the animation is too rough. I'm surprised no one said anything, which is why I'm posting. I'd work on smoothing things out, do a little squash and stretch, some recoil. It's also too long. Almost 2 minutes is way too long for someone out of college. Try to trim it up. I think once you smooth out the animations, cut the reel down, you'll be set. Being conceptual goes a long way.
  12. redsodeep

    First Reel

    I don't know about including flocking in your dvd. If you don't want to be a technical animator, I wouldn't include it in anything because you might end up doing just that. I know you want to show off your broad range of skillz, but I vote against it. I made the mistake once of telling a studio I worked for that I knew flash. Don't make that same mistake.
  13. I think it's usually the programmers designing with "form over function" in mind. Sadly, 2Advanced still gets positive flash site references way, way too much.
  14. OK, I'm with the majority here on animating in Flash; it's a lack of control hell. Flash animators are completely different animators than AE, 3d, 2d, whatev. They're a whole other genre for a reason and good flash animation is definitely hard to come by. On a different flash subject, I know I'm not the only one that really can't stand heavy flash sites...
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