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  1. I would first find out more information about the Final Cut project color settings and export settings. I do remember a while ago that there was a Luma compression / expansion issue using QTs between Final Cut and AE. Basically what is explained in the Ae Color Management Workflow White Paper under "limited-range video profiles (hdTv (rec. 709) 16-235, SdTv nTSC 16-235, and SdTv PAl 16-235)" I cannot remember if the levels need to be clamped in AE or expanded. Essentially one of them is operating at 16-235 and the other at 0-255. If all else fails, I would ask them for an image sequence, which should provide a better WYSIWYG. -M
  2. Thanks! I appreciate hearing from someone knowledgeable. This is what I want to read.
  3. nick & anthony aces! good luck!
  4. "24 changes per second" Awesome. I haven't heard someone say that in a long time.
  5. Yes, framecycler is great for playing back large res files and image sequences. A new mac version is available, however, it is quite expensive. Although, there is a full feature 30 trial if people care to check it out. -m
  6. that was boring. i would have fast-forwarded past that and never looked back.
  7. Sounds good, but I have never heard of a mograph company paying a freelancer 50% up front. Further, it isn't just cheap clients that are paying late, major corporations & companies are doing it as well. I would think it impossible (unfortunately) to get paid upon final renders, as most places need to get paid themselves in order to pay freelancers. (just as mentioned above). Plus there is an air date, with bought media time, no client is going to have there project held hostage with risk of missing air date. I know all what I have said sucks, I wish it was different as well. Short of having legal counsel on retainer, there isn't much beyond constant harassment that one can do.
  8. I highly doubt you are going to find "free" greenscreen clips anywhere. It takes a lot of production and time to shoot proper greenscreen. I doubt people are willing to just give them away free. You might find some on tutorial/learning/education sites as part of your membership. Free . . . if free usable greenscreen footage exists, I would love to know where. -m
  9. I cannot comment specifically without seeing the footage you are trying to track but in general tracking is difficult. There are no magic universal settings. Different plates can require different approaches. However, first and foremost make sure that all your footage, compositions and projects are all the same frame rate and aspect ratio and interpreted correctly. This can lead to tracks being off. When I need to track, I avoid AE's internal tracker at all costs. With that said, there are 2d/2.5d planar trackers (mocha) and 3d camera trackers (pf track and boujou), which yield fantastic results with a small amount of setup. If all else fails, before Boujou and Mocha came along, it was a matter of finessing your keyframes by hand. Just sitting in front of a computer and pulling keyframes till you yielded a good result. -m
  10. Great, thank you both. I haven't actually had the opportunity to try the multi-shader approach, so I haven't shot myself in the foot . . . yet. I will try on both solutions, probably later today or tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes. Thnx, m
  11. I have a plane with an animated texture map within a Cloner Object with an inheritance Effector for its/their animation, is it possible to have each clones animated texture map offset in time from the other cloned planes? So that each clones texture map is say 4 frames offset from the next/previous clone? Thanks, -m
  12. This isn't a solution to your immediate problem but could help in the future . . . I am guessing that you are working locally for network speed reasons? If this is the case I would recommend in the future leaving all your source material on the server and using local proxies. Essentially point AE to the identical footage stored locally but tell AE to use it as a proxy, this way you will have the speed of working locally but the ability to just hit render and AE will source the files on the server. Just make sure you have "use no proxies" specified in your Render Settings. This way you won't have to collect and copy everytime. This works extremely well for HD footage coming off slow networks. -m
  13. I worked on a couple of GM spots at Rebus Farms that are interesting . . . -m
  14. arg, i can't remember who off the top of my head, but someone created a script that allows users to select precomps and extend their duration with one click. it might be jeff almasol. also check aenhancers.com. i know it exists, somewhere. if you feel like purchasing a set of tools of which one can do this check profound effects useful assistants. Although it appears profound effects has ceased to exist. -m
  15. call me old, but i prefer image sequences. easy solution for your slight problem. you can re-render to your hearts delight. i will make a comp containing the final size/res image sequence which in turn will be used to create any compressed files. -m
  16. Thank you. Another great script that I will carry around everywhere! -M
  17. a lot of camera tracking. roto. compositing. looks 2d to me but may include 3d. 3d is not necessary to achieve this look. -m
  18. I am doing some heavy retouching on a clip. I am using the paint effect with a clone brush. I have about 100 clones right now. Is there a way to visually show ALL the actual paths at once in the layer viewer (other than selecting them all in the timeline)? I am looking for a way to select the clones other than selecting them out of the timeline. thnx -M
  19. simple & well executed. i think it accomplishes the goal (or at least from my understanding) it stands fine visually without any additions. however, some sound design would be nice. my .02 -m
  20. thanks for the post, I might roll by and say hello. I didn't even know a C4D user group in Chicago existed. -m
  21. If the render solution is a render farm which utilizes the render node of After Effects(i.e. the command line renderer) referencing files on a server and NOT the watch folders method, these problems should not exist. I have created a 60 proc render farm that renders just fine. Although fonts and plugins are always a toss up. -m
  22. really nicely done. that is seriously impressive for one person over three weeks. looks good too
  23. mncrnich


    Rising Sun Pictures in Australia uses it.
  24. dang, . . . seriously. great website. great work. nicely done.
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