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  1. The idea of imagery created with type really took me back to first year design school. After the nostalgia and novelty of seeing a camera move wore off I didn't really see much there. Maybe someone will push the idea further.
  2. It was pretty neat getting to work on some of that stuff over here on the Mode side of things. Definitely a level of design quality missing from the political sphere in general. I'm not sure if it was this point in political history, or the campaign itself, that really seemed to inspire a lot of creatives. Either way a lot of fun to see. Thanks for posting that, I hadn't seen the whole thing yet.
  3. Some good looking stuff in there. It all looks clean and well executed. It couple perhaps benefit from some editing tweaks though. Some of the pieces feel like they hold for a little longer than they need to. Particularly the car racing footage and the kiss footage. There's not much going on, other than the video footage, in those clips. Otherwise some good looking stuff!
  4. Aren't these the same folks who go on and on about homosexuality being an immoral choice and now here he is trying to pseudo-science together a biological link between soy consumption and homosexuality.
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    Unfortunately Autodesk bought them up. It remains to be seen what this will mean for XSI's ongoing development, but it could even mean a Mac version (like Maya). If it's between Maya and XSI I'd definitely recommend XSI. THey are equally awkward for AE Integration when compared with C4D. If you're going to be doing more visual effects oriented work and need something a little bit heftier than C4D then it's certainly a great option. There's also a rather vibrant, if somewhat smaller, community behind it. www.xsibase.com
  6. It very much is the root of the problem. America's consumption far outweighs any sort of production, which on a whole causes a dangerous situation. The only thing that was keeping us going was other countries, particularly China in recent years, buying up our fake (printed by the Fed) currency. Basically they were buying our debt. So for many years the only thing that America was exporting was our own money. As other countries are beginning to reevaluate the stability of the American dollar as a reserve currency they are beginning to slow down on their consumption of our currency (debt) and will eventually stop. If other countries stop buying our currency, which is inevitable, and we continue to print more and more of it then it doesn't take an economist to predict what will happen to the prices of things in America. ( It has happened before ) "Since striking workers were paid benefits by the state, much additional currency was printed, fueling a period of hyperinflation. The 1920s German inflation started when Germany had no goods with which to trade. The government printed money to deal with the crisis; this allowed Germany to pay war loans and reparations with worthless marks and helped formerly great industrialists to pay back their own loans. This also led to pay raises for workers and for businessmen who wanted to profit from it. Circulation of money rocketed, and soon the Germans discovered their money was worthless." It's as if we are borrowing their playbook. "The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn." - Robert Fisk
  7. It's good to see that many people in this community are keeping an eye on the issue and are concerned about it. The more our community, and people in general, prepares for the worst and starts saving now the better off we're going to be if the shit really does hit the fan. a2visual, I'm glad to here that your company's taking steps to limit its spending rather than just waiting till it's too late and firing people. Everyone limiting their spending and beginning to save again, even companies, is going to really help.
  8. Thanks basilisk. I'll check it out when I get home. (I'm in the US and I think that I can listen to it without a problem, once I install real player )
  9. I agree that Greenspan way overused the manipulation of interest rates. I'm on the same page with you on that. I think where our paths diverge is whether or not it is EVER a good way to try to "manage" things. I'm of the Austrian school of economic thought and so I'm fundamentally opposed to the Keynesian approach of interest rate control and generally trying to centrally plan an economy. It's really not a free market at that point and can ONLY lead to out of control inflation. It's not a particularly popular view, as the west has been obsessed with Keynesian economics and debt driven economies for a long time. The problem lies in the fact that this sort of economic theory strongly favors the banking and financial centers in the short term, so there is little motivation to change or reevaluate it. Debt and consumption are just not the same as economic growth, but have recently been mistaken for it. Govinda: I completely agree on the broad strokes you outlined in your history. Volcker, though unpopular at the time, did the right thing by finally trying to stem the runaway inflation of the preceding years. Limiting the money supply is one policy that I wish would have stuck around. But, unfortunately, we're back to trying to manipulate interest rates, print more money, and generally attempt to prop-up artificially high prices. Destro: You're absolutely right. If we can avoid meddling with the economy further then prices will eventually begin to reflect reality. Housing prices have been unrealistically high for many years. They, along with many other things, need to come down in price and natural market forces, if the government doesn't try to artificial prop them up, are doing their job of bringing things back to a more realistic equilibrium. I too hope that things don't spiral down even further and that we can all keep our jobs and buy a house. That doesn't appear to be our governments plan though. As an interesting side-note: Greenspan used to promote a more sound, precious metal based, monetary policy. But then he became Federal Reserve Chairman and, well, Govinda already agave the history lesson about what he did. An essay by Greenspan himself (1967)
  10. I'd watch that movie. I'm imagining something like Bloodsport. Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson in a fight to the death. Of course none of us really would win if any of them made it out of the ring. Though he doesn't have the same notoriety as other predictors Gerald Celente is at least right about the Federal Reserve and the folly of manipulating interest rates to somehow centrally plan an economy. I hope he's wrong about the state of things in 2012, but realistically he may not be...
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    Showreel 2008

    I agree that the intro is perhaps not the best thing to transition into your work, but I did enjoy the sound design on it. I also think that it could be a nice editorial piece on it's own, though it doesn't quite feel as frenetic as the audio yet. I think the shots with the feet is what's hurting it. All the fast cuts and panning shots don't match the feet which are sort of just shuffling along. I also agree with the comments about the lack of more creativity and variety in the work, but that will come as you start pursuing more personal projects. The timing and presentation of the work that is there is nice though. Perhaps it's just the compression you have on this version but there is some pretty severe banding on the gradients. Looking forward to the next iteration.
  12. Heh, yeah, I totally agree that Palin sounds like a child in interviews, naybe even worse. I was more referring to the general assertions by their party and supporters that people that don't agree with them are out of their minds. Their dismissive and disrespectful language on many issues. As for the Inconvenient Truth thread, it appears to have ended 2 years ago, and I was responding to the direction of the thread here In the end, like I said, I get that this was meant as more of a light-hearted thread. Sorry, I didn't mean to start anything.
  13. Meh. Sorry, that was probably all too serious a response given the nature of this post.
  14. I don't think that this man is necessarily as crazy as he's being made out to be. Whether or not he's right or wrong expressing that viewpoint, though perhaps unpopular is still valid. Also, given the fact that the issue is far from completely, understood, accepted, or explained he could very well be right. ( Not to, necessarily, be confused as my own personal opinion) There are some rather more qualified people than this fellow who have expressed opposition to one or more of the "conclusions" of the mainstream scientific community. real scientists that have some questions Though I know that this was all meant as a "hey let's laugh at this silly old man on youtube" post it's still a bit depressing to see the dismissive attitude being expressed. Claiming that people are "idiots" for questioning a controversial and, as yet, not completely proven topic is just as bad as the rhetoric being thrown around by the McCain+Palin camp.
  15. Wow. People have actually said this to your face? If someone is actually saying something like that to your face then they deserve the kind of quality they get for free. That would piss me off too. We were just dealing today with yet another client that seems to not want to read the notes attached to reference footage. "This is only reference for timing, ignore the colors." -"We generally like what we see, but the colors in the reference you sent us are a bit too pop."
  16. always good for a laugh: http://www.hulu.com/watch/37753/saturday-n...alks-to-animals http://www.hulu.com/watch/39813/saturday-n...lberg-backstage
  17. When one of the companies I worked for would do retainer work they would just figure out how much work they could do for the amount the client wanted to spend for that period of time. When and if they ran up against that cap they would have to decide whether to extend the price or have the remaining work spill over into the next payment period.
  18. You're not alone. The idea of a two party system that actively excludes 3rd, 4th, 5th, any other party ideas is completely ridiculous in a country that seems to, at least at one time, have prided itself on giving choice and power to its citizens. Let's pretend, just for a second, that the Republican party and the Democratic party are large businesses. Nobody can deny that they have, between the two of them, completely cornered the market. There is no other meaningful competition. So what happens? They just keep battling each other for a percentage point here and there but neither is really motivated by any level of necessity to move forward or try anything new or different. They just have to try to be slightly better than the other. In fact they don't even really need to do that because with only 2 of them they could really be about the same and still maintain their 50% share. The system stagnates. Just like 2 large businesses would simply sit on their hoards of money and seek nothing else but more money these 2 parties simply sit on their power bases and seek nothing else but to keep their power. Before you leap on this and tell me that, in this case, there's a lesser of two evils just think about what my point was. It's not that there aren't some differences. It's that we are forced into making statements like "a little bit better" and "lesser of two evils." This was meant as a completely non-partisan statement.
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    It certainly has become an industry of its own as well as an, incredibly unsubtle, tool of foreign policy. Perhaps what Faustfire meant was that this was not the original goal or purpose for America's army. Our founding fathers would be ashamed to see the way we wield our military as a substitute for diplomacy and, more importantly, as a means of involving ourselves in "entangling alliances". It's a shitty thing that soldiers are not being adequately equipped, compensated, and taken care of, but it's even shittier that so many young men and women are being promised wonderful careers in an organization that cannot, and arguably should not try to, provide said career opportunities.
  20. Everyone knows that more nationalization cures the socialism hangover. A little hair of the dog...
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    I understand what you mean Firebetty and I'm thrilled that you, and many other folks on this forum, can engage in discussion, and even disagreement, in a respectful and intellectually responsible way. I suppose I should clarify my point from earlier. I totally understand what you mean about the states receiving money to subsidize projects intended to benefit the citizens. Furthermore I agree that this happens and that it's in the budget. What I was alluding to was the fact that our taxes don't take a direct route to such things. According to independent tax researchers the tax money gets routed through the Federal Reserve (which has never been audited and is a private banking institution) and into International Bank accounts. From these accounts tax refunds are distributed. Whatever is left over (of the money that has actually been collected and not refunded) is then given to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to be redistributed to countries, including back to the U.S.. It is this money that then gets treated as income and can be used for things like $1,000 staplers, and schools, and the military. The problem is that the way the IMF gives us our money back is through loans, which means interest. So in essence every dollar we give in taxes gets loaned back to our government with interest, meaning the more taxes we collect the more in debt we actually become to the IMF. At the end of the day I truly feel bad for someone like Obama. I genuinely believe that he wants to do the right thing for America, but in order to get into that position he has to play the game just like everyone else and once he's there things are stacked against him in ways that he may not even know or certainly in ways almost anyone is powerless to change. *The 1/3 being wasted, that I mentioned previously, comes from the Grace Commission report. Though it was published in 1984 nobody has any reason to believe that those numbers actually managed to go down in the intervening years. Talk about a waste =\
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    I'd like to just point out that federal taxes, which is what we'd be talking about Obama raising, do not go towards things like schools, roads, and public safety. In fact at least a third of all federal income taxes slip the the cracks of government waste (regardless of which party is in control) and the rest goes to paying down the interest on our staggering national debt. Also, there are a lot of middle class small business owners and, given then scale and rate of inflation, the term middle class is ever expanding. So the middle class is far from insulated under either candidates' taxation plans. I don't want to be misunderstood as simply picking on Obama (I do see him as the lesser of two evils), but I just can't see how a 2 party system can provide any really option or incentive for one party to step it up and really do anything other than maintain the status quo, if we're lucky.
  23. I agree. Nobody con stop it at this point. People can make it a lot worse though. Just as the Great Depression didn't have to last as long as it did this "Financial Crisis" doesn't need to turn into a protracted recession/depression. Unfortunately it will if our federal government continues to meddle and tweak. Artificially trying to hold the economy steady has never worked historically and so there is zero reason to believe it will work in the future. I agree that one candidate is more competent than the other, in some aspects, however neither has given any indication, that gives me confidence, that they will not continue the tradition of "fixing" the economy into the ground.
  24. We've done a bit of work for the Obama campaign and here's one of the more recent spots. I don't know if this is what you were looking for. http://www.modeproject.com/core/work/obama...merica-unravel/ and some others: http://www.modeproject.com/work/obama-logo/ http://www.modeproject.com/work/design/fall-2008-montage/ (towards the beginning of the montage there's some)
  25. It's quite frustrating when you own an expensive piece of software legit and feel like you need to go looking for cracks just to get it running.
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