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  1. Thanks! I can't believe i forgot about that. Too much time in Maya.
  2. SaintEfan

    Hp Concept

    That must be a really fun project to work on! I really like those ads, especially the new Jerry Seinfeld one. I'm not sure how far a long you are, but it's already looking pretty good. =) I find the spotlights around the Mac Pro to be a bit distracting, but if they are just place holders disregard that comment. The computer tower looks a little "wobbly" at some points too, perhaps it's the tracking. Overall it's looking really good. I think once you matching everything up with the hands it will really come together.
  3. I'm guessing there's an easy answer to this, but my brain is fried and I can't think of it myself. Is there a way to achieve a "Billboard" effect in AE, whereby a 3d layer's orientation points at the camera while the position remains unaffected? Basically i need to just parent the orientation but not the position. Thanks in advance!
  4. Office politics. Watch out. Even the coolest people under normal circumstances can become crazy at crunch time.
  5. I've used processing for artistic and "graphic" purposes and it is quite fun. I wrote a flocking particle system for use in a personal motion project. I also used the easy-to-use export functions to create large illustrator files for large scale printing. It is more flexible than AE expressions and can do more than C4d or Maya scripting (such as export to various files formats for print work). There aren't any AE exporters that I know of, but the flexibility of Processing's exporting tools and it's image processing capabilities it's not too hard to create your own alpha masks. I find that a lot of times concepts I develop as just experiments in Processing end-up, in one form or another, influencing later motion projects. It's a great tool for inspiration and experimentation. Motion Theory has used Processing on at least 2 projects that I know of: http://www.motiontheory.com:16080/nikegolf/ http://processing.org/exhibition/works/papa/index.html This is an interesting read which may address the graphics applicability you were wondering about: http://www.aiga.org/content.cfm/the-amazin...rocessing?pff=2 This guy, and his associates (The Barbarian Group) do some crazy stuff with Processing: http://www.flight404.com/blog/ Hope this was helpful, and not just repeating what you already know. =)
  6. I generally enjoyed the reel. I kept feeling a disconnect between the music and the visuals though. Perhaps if some of the cuts or action could match the beats of the music it would feel a little more integrated. I'm also not sure what those green bars are that come after the Soft Research logo, they don't seem to do much and it's hard to tell what they are. Overall it looks like you have some good work there.
  7. Those pieces are fun to watch. If I remember correctly they were actually shown on 20'x20' displays in Dallas at one point. That would have been really cool to see! Anyway, Tronic was the studio that made them.
  8. Awesome! Thanks BrandJ. Also, Def2shoot's site is a lot of fun. It's like I never left my compositing package.
  9. I happened to have the television on in the background while I was working last night and I noticed Smirnoff's new tv spot. I had never seen this particular piece before and found it to be quite interesting and well done. It involved a big red "line" winding its way through various white 3d environments and ultimately spelling out "Smirnoff" at the end. Has anybody seen this piece anywhere online? I looked all over but couldn't find who did it or even find footage of it.
  10. I like some of the transitions you have, especially at the beginning. One thing that looked awkward was when the man jumps down from on top of the box. He doesn't rise up first, he just falls straight down. Adjusting those keyframes to match more with the footage timing would make that look more believable. I agree that the gifts hold too long, but you said you were going to add some things there. Overall I like the direction it's headed. Keep up the good work.
  11. Thanks for taking a look. I agree. I was really just forcing something together, making the final result secondary. It should have had a stronger idea from the beginning...really more of a tech demo I suppose.
  12. thanks for pointing that out...that's strange. It should be fixed now.
  13. I've been working on a flocking program of my own and I have gotten it to a point that I think looks pretty good so I decided to play around with actually using it for something. I made a fake spot for a Sidi cycling shoe. I wanted to emphasize a feeling of weightlessness, ventilation, and air flow. I think that the wind tracks and the flocking particles makes it feel more cold than anything else though. I also need to address the pacing of the whole thing. Let me know what you think. FLOW
  14. SaintEfan

    My reel, 2007

    I don't know if you necassarily have to choose one or the other. If your gooda t both vfx and motion graphics there are studios that will value and make use of both your skill sets. It just depends on the studio. I really liked the main content of the reel (agree about bookends) but I was a little confused about the White Sox clip. I didn't notice any graphics or vfx, so did you film it? or are you just a Sox fan? I look forward to seeing the new bookends.
  15. SaintEfan

    Small changes

    What's wrong with the Loader? It looks fine to me, but I guess I don't know if you were going for something else. It's a nice looking site. Clear and easy to understand. I like your background photo. Yuo may want to check the alignment between the white and orange text for the Portfolio button. It looks like you may have eyeballed it and there's a slight difference in x translation. It makes it look like the orange text jumps a couple pixels to the left on rollover. The mechanism you use to introduce the different sections is simple and slick looking. Good work.
  16. Looks pretty good to me. It seems like the timing on some of the cuts could benefit from being revisited. By that I mean that certain clips are either a little too long or a little too quick. The Free Shipping clip doesn't have much movement to it but stays on the screen for a while. I don't know if there's some animation leading up to the Channel 4 logo, but if there is you might want to include that, as it is now the logo just flashes briefly before moving on, a little confusing. A similar situation with the woman running into the room with the clock in the lower 3rd. It breaks up the flow a bit. You've obviously got a good deal of work that you want to include, but maybe just cut it down to slightly longer cuts of just your very best. I like the musical choice you made, but I do find the "Julia" (Beatles?) audio clip awkwardly placed. It doesn't really connect with Paint it Black in anyway. Overall, good stuff.
  17. You've got some nice looking work in your reel. I think that it's cut together pretty well and has a good pacing, also the Arctic Monkies' track is a fun choice. It feels like the reel may be a bit on the long side though. Maybe you could make it a little bit more succinct. All around good looking work and a nice clean site. Perhaps consider making the menu buttons a separate frame so that the whole page doesn't need to reload for a new section. Keep up the great work.
  18. I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that the character animation wasn't what was done in C4D. Blur's been using Max and XSI for awhile now, doing most of their animation in XSI. Actually, I'm really not sure what would have been done in C4D...
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I agree about the pacing, it's still got a ways to go in that respect.
  20. This is a little experiment I've been working on for fun in my spare time. I wanted to make a black and white piece with a lot of fun patterns and neat transitions, so I figured it would be fun to make a fake tv promo piece for a new (fake) tv show. I'm realtively new to motion graphics work, though I do have a background in 3d animation and graphic design. Anyway, let me know what you all think I could improve and polish. Experiment
  21. I like how a lot of what was there felt very spontaneous. I could be wrong but it seems like you don't hesitate going from imagination to execution. My favorite part, though I'm not sure why, was actually the DOF on the oven range clip.
  22. I like what you have so far. I did feel like the transition from the 24/7 to the video clips was a little forced. The 24/7 text at the upper right corner of, only some, of the video clips seems a bit inconsistent. I really enjoyed the limited color palette. The red really stands off nicely with the black and white.
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