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  1. update: i've been able to effectively group chunks of 10,000 frames and open them
  2. also, i should note that AE gives an import error of "After Effects error: making file specification -- file not found (-43)"
  3. In QT pro when trying to open the sequence, i set the framerate(30) and open... it chugs for 3 seconds, then gives me: "The movie could not be opened Operation could not be completed. (OSStatus error -2050)" i've since tried opening a smaller subset (700 frames) of the full sequence and it appears to work alright...
  4. yea i got all the frames rendered across 3 machines, now having issue opening the image sequences... anyone know of a sure fire way to open a sequence?
  5. so i have 1.5 hours of rendered TIFFs from AE... trying to open the image sequence in both QuickTime Pro and AE is giving me errors... anyone have some knowledge on how to stitch a LONG image sequence back together as a movie?
  6. okay, i won't have bandwidth issues if rendering these frames straight to a firewire drive, correct? thanks for the speedy feedback btw
  7. okay, and then to render that as the appropriate movies i need, just re-import into AE as an image sequence, correct?
  8. okay, so i'm looking at 3-4 days to render this 1.5 hour 720x405 beast from AE cs4. need to ultimately deploy 2 versions, both at 720x405... - DVD - Web version for Vimeo, probably a much shorter edit of the full 1.5 hours. i have somewhat limited HD space (like 100gb) some questions... what is the ideal format if I want to render out near lossless frames? normal QT movie with None compression? Animation? Photo JPEG? I haven't really played with rendering image sequences, would that be the way to go? thanks for any feedback, I rarely render anything over 5 minutes long...
  9. Video flyers done for a bi-monthly party in providence, ri. Sample heavy, loosely concept driven stuff with quasi-narrative. http://lovelifewith.us/?page_id=35
  10. just finished it up, lemme know whatcha think. k thx bye. http://www.pompandclout.com/
  11. just put together my new site. way simple horizontal scroll based on time. http://pompandclout.com/
  12. Ryan Staake

    new site

    http://www.pompandclout.com i've found the effect works best on a laptop lcd.
  13. worked with a friend here in RISD's Film, Animation & Video program to create his senior project, a TV show pilot entitled Million Dollar Extreme. Not sure what people here will think its less about slick motion, and more about raw, sometimes stupid raw comedy, accented with quick graphics and seemingly thoughtless typography. 2 parts: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MC2BxFT84EU
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