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  1. Hi community, i recently coded a plugin mainly for my own use and finally decided to share it with you all I found the native C4D Stage Object to be quite unhandy when it comes to scene cuts between different scenes, lighting environments etc in the viewport. With this plugin you can add null objects under which you add your "scene content" and activate/deactivate them via the interface. If you add camera Nulls the Camera under the null gets automatically activated/deactivated. Let me know if you find this useful or if you find any bugs. I tested it on WIN/MAC R15-R17. I am also thinking about making a video tutorial. 123 Stage Greetings from Hamburg! Martin
  2. Hello lovely Community I've made a brand new Showreel for my new Portfolio http://www.martinspeidel.info Enjoy! C&C welcome Greetings, Martin
  3. Looks good! But somehow i hoped for improvements on Materials/Particles/Pyrocluster...
  4. Hi Mograph-Community After finishing my Animation with "Fake Stop-Motion", I just wanted to share some techniques i used. First of all i nearly did the complete Stop-Motion thing in postproduction, which means i rendered it out of C4D as always with 25 fps. Here's the clip: http://vimeo.com/4454440 For the animation of some trees i wrote a small XPresso script which generates a random frame-offset PLA-Animation. It's not perfect because i'm not a good programmer, but somehow it worked First you have to set a PLA-keyframe on the spline you want to deform, then you apply the script on the spline. Put the spline-object in the object-field and adjust the velocity and strenght of the deformation. http://www.martinspeidel.info/stopmotion_script.c4d In After Effects I partly used the bad-tv preset by graymachine for that kind of handmade-look: http://www.graymachine.com/wp/wp-content/u...le_graphics.zip. To made the sequences more "unperfect", I scaled all my rendered material up to 101% and applied a subtile camera-shake and change of exposure for every frame by the "Verwackeln"-window (I only knwo how it's called in the German version, maybe in English it's called the "shake" or "transform"-window??). Additionally i set down the framerate by the posterize time-effect und added some grain to the main-comp. So basically that's it, maybe some of this can be helpful for you... Greetings, Martin
  5. sounds good! so let's hope for the perfect result thanks a lot!
  6. thanks! you're right, maybe i first should get more infos about the traditional stop-motion thing...
  7. hi community for a musicvideo i want to build a world of paper in 3D and animate it like it is filmed in stop-motion. my problem is: i want to have the camera movement in 25 fps and the animated objects in 20 fps or less for the "stop-motion-style". how can i bring this together? solution 1 (which will most probably not work): render the 20 fps animated things with alpha-channel and bring all together with 25 fps in the compositing solution 2: "bake" the animation and set the keys "by hand" so it will have the stop-motion look. how can i do this in cinema without animating key by key... (a lot of work!)? i'm just looking for a good way to keep flexible with my animation and still have the stop-motion look... i'd be very glad to get some ideas! thanks! martin
  8. I just discovered the spline projection tool in the structure menu... sounds good... i'll try the tracer thing as well, thank you!
  9. Hello dear mograph community I just wonder how i could wrap one or more splines around a geometry in c4d, like a head. So that the form is just definded through (animated) splines/lines. Something with Mograph...? Or do i have to build an own "spline-geometry" for the lines? I hope someone understands my question in bad german-english i'd be very thankful for every hint! martin
  10. oh yeah, thanks to all for the help! Maybe i'll post some WIP stuff...
  11. Hi! I'm trying to do a bird swarm with Tinking Particles. I already used TP simple swarm by C4D Jack http://c4d-jack.de/html/downloads/dl_exp_particles.html but there is no possibility to give the whole swarm a certain shape like forming a simple arrow, they just follow the position of an object. Has anyone ever made this thing with TP? Any tipps or suggestions about controlling a particle-swarm like this? Thanks to all! Martin
  12. the first post was the right one:) thanks a lot!!
  13. Hi everybody! I search a beautifully composed music clip (I think it was one) with white 3d primitives flying through filmed landscape and sky. does anyone know the name oder where i can donwload the clip? Thanks! Martin
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