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  1. Thank You This great feedback is what I am looking for. I really appreciate everyones response and feel that all these things will help me. I am thinking of just going with a simple HTML/CSS site that is free of all the bells and whistles. I am disappointed that my contact paragraph has such a strong negative feel because if anyone met me they would know I am very humble about my work and always know there is room for improvement. Well you Live and Learn and Live some more. Improvements on the way. Thank you James
  2. Hello All, I have just graduated school and have been searching high and low for employment. So with no luck so far I feel it time to re-evaluate my work and site to see what improvements I can make to improve my chances. So I am asking for your guys professional opinion on what you think works and doesn't work. I want my focus to be video production and motion graphics, but have tried to create a portfolio that shows off a well rounded designer. Again any help is always appreciated and I know that you guys always have great advice from my experience reading this forum. Direct link to higher quality demo reel: www.grandnationaldesign.com/Lietz_Demo.mov My portfolio site: www.grandnationaldesign.com Thank You for your time. James
  3. doctorj

    my new reel

    O.k. So I like the Reel, and it's always uplifting to see A Hallmark ad with ice cube letting punk mother fuckers know. But back to the reel I do like it and to me the music wasn't bad, but then again you can find that track and a whole bunch more on my ipod. A really quick fix is to find the instrumental for that track and plug it in then everyone is happy and your still "keepig it Real" for all the OG's in the world. just my 2cents.
  4. doctorj

    Student work

    Thanks guys for taking a look at my stuff the guys here at Full Sail really do a great job. If anyone has any other feedback I would love it. I am currently out of Motion and learning web and flash but still working hard in my freetime to get better at motion. Anything that you guys could pass on as exercise or stuff to work on to get better would be greatly apperciated. Thanks
  5. doctorj

    Student work

    Ya I really feel after taking another look that my intial ideas has been lost when I cut it down to 30 sec. and lost the opening screen. The whole idea was about a change of scenery which is still visual but I thought it worked well with the idea of FM vs. Sirius. I appreciate the feedback it"s always nice to have other eyes to point out the things that are overlooked from looking at it too long. thanks james
  6. doctorj

    Student work

    I have just finished my first three months of motion graphic classes and wanted to hear some feedback on the work. Each project was required 30sec. and had to have some video out of a shared assests folder of about 40 diffrent clips. We were able to choose any topic or band and run with it. These were mine. Thanks in advance for all the helpful feedback. link -----> http://jameslietz.blip.tv/
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