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    New Reel 2013

    Very nice work and rich in style.
  2. Hi everyone, once thanks for all your feedback. here is the new revision of my demoreel: http://vimeo.com/73201795 I have tried my best to make it shorter but I could not make it 60 seconds
  3. Thank you all for your constructive criticism. I will make the necessary changes that you adviced and I will post link of the updated version.
  4. Hi, here is my new demoreel. the software used are AE CS6, 3D Max and Premiere CS6. Plugin used is Trapcode, and some free scripts downloaded online. Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/72957519 Any feedback would be much appreciated (constructive one please).
  5. Hi Rudy, thanks very much for your feedback . The reason why I put the VFX work on my reel is because a lot of client have been interested in my services after seeing my VFX project (even though the projects they offered me were all mograph). But I will try to separate both categories. I would like to ask you and everyone a big favor; I am going to put together a montage of numbered potential clip for my demoreel, and I will need your help to let me know which clips would work for my demo. I will have the montage ready by next week. I thank you all in advance .
  6. Thanks Drnz, I appreciate your feedback very much. I will definitely split the mograph from the vfx project. Regarding the SED logo, I had designed it for my first reel which emphasized on showing off my VFx skills. But I will redesign a new one that will be more appropriate for my mograph demo and I will also make sure that the frame rate is at least 15 fps (it was originally a 5Gb file compressed into a 26 Mb file).
  7. Hi guys, here is my motion graphics demoreel that I put together to show some of the projects that I had the opportunity to work on. I wrote (co-wrote in some of them), modeled (2D/3D), animated and composited them. I also took the liberty to wrote the soundtrack and most of the sound FX. The 3D modeling was done in 3Ds Max 6.0. The compositing was done in After Effects 6.5 (along with the VFX). And for final editing for the demoreel, I did it in Premiere Pro. Feel free to give me any feedback. If you are interested to see online portfolio go to: http://seffil.50webs.com http://mirror.video.blip.tv/Seffil-demreel...solution409.mov PS: I am not good with typography but you know some website that could help me, I would much appreciate that. Thanks
  8. seffil

    New mograph

    Hey, it is Sal.... here, I like what I did there. To me every it looks great, but I was just wondering if you increase the depth of field it might give you a sense of visual space (when elements in close to the camera get blurrier).
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