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  1. Hi there, I'm in Milano, Italy: www.fullscream.com The scene is not greatest for motion designers here, but when you grow up you learn that you can find the scene on internet and you can leave the streets and places to hipsters. The center of MTV International creative (WDS) is in Milano. It has moved from London 3 years ago, and that's where all the rebrand for MTV Intl is made, as well as show packages, EMAs ecc. That's where I've been working before going to LA and back. WDS is working with studios like Universal Everything, Sehsucht, Parasol Island, DVEIN, Mathematic ecc. There's also Mutado, great animation studio: http://www.mutado.com/#/home/ In Milano is also http://www.ditroit.it/ - the guys are doing pretty nice job there. Another good italian mograph crew is in Rome, it's called AdeAde: http://www.adeadeade...2011/index.html There are probably other freelancers and I'm sorry if I forgot to mention someone. The most annoying thing about Italy is that motion design industry is not yet established, so the people/agencies will often call you and ask for post-production job, thinking that all you're doing is 3d. Having said that, it's an interesting place to be, cause there is no motion powerhouse on the market, and it's all pretty open. On the other side, there's no so much job for the freelancers, because there are not enough freelancers to organize a studio like Superfad, or Psyop. All the studios I mentioned are small boutiques made of 2 to 5 interns. If you are coming to Milano, give me a call... I'm always happy to drink a glass of vine with colleagues Cheers, Ced
  2. Hey man, thanks, that's what I need! It looks like a fluid dynamics to me :o
  3. Hi guys, I'm new in LA and all US market. I have recently gone freelance, and moved here from Milano. Can someone explain me the story about the holds? What does it mean exactly and what kind of guarantee it gives you. I've been talking to some studios and they want to put me on the first hold, but they don't give me the precise info about the project. Now I'm in a situation to have few options, but nothing is for sure, and they all want to put me on a first hold. How can I be sure that first hold is a guarantee that the project will happen. Is this common? I don't understand how this works, and I don't want to waste my time in waiting or rejecting projects because of this. Please help, Thanks, Ced
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    Hey man, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! I miss making the stuff like black box, that's why I'm back Everyone is complaining about that background videos. I'll try to fix it. Thanks, Cheers
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    Hi guys, I have some new work and new website: www.fullscream.com Please read the description and credits, I don't want to make confusion there. For some recent works I was art directing and I don't want to take merits of the guys that has been directing and designing the projects. However they were successful projects, and I did take responsibility from choosing the studio/designer, to guiding them to final result. I have decided to go freelance, because I miss getting my hands dirty. So please, give me your comments and tips. Cheers, Ced
  6. hey man, thanks for the dreamhost code


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    new website

    tnx guys! @complete2 Music for "Vale Tutto" is a track from Atari ST musician Nils Feske. This dude rocks, here you can download some of his music: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=30862 cheers, Ced
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    new website

    Hi, I finally have a website: fullscream Enjoy, Ced
  9. Well, it's a bit cheaper than samsung 244t, and the panel should be the same. I am working on both of them, and i cannot tell the difference when it comes to image quality (dell is prettier, but that's subjective). It's the best sollution if you are not going for something more expensive like Lacie. There are some quality issues with the HC's made in China. Mine is made in Mexico, I also heard that those made in Checz republic should be ok. There is a slight ghosting, but that's normal for PVA panel, and anyway you won't notice it working with video. Colors and contrast are just great.
  10. It is just perfect, go for it!
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