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  1. Ahh, thank you! I swear I looked through all those menus! I knew it had to be there somewhere...
  2. Hello, So I've keyframed one cycle of a walk cycle and I'd like it to repeat for the duration of the scene, pretty basic. I searched online and found this which says: Ok, sounds easy enough. But I can't seem to find this "curves" menu anywhere. I'm not even sure if I'm in the right pane, but I thought I was. This is where I'd think it would be: I know this has to be super simple and I'm just not seeing it. Help?
  3. jayne

    2010 Reel

    Killkillakillyo - Thanks for the honest feedback, it's super helpful. I'd agree the jeans & the reese's spots aren't my favorites either. I felt like I had to include them since I was put on those campaigns for a good chunk of time (there were several versions of each, so the repeats you see are from different spots mostly). But if they're not adding much to the cause then maybe that doesn't matter in the end. As far as 3D goes, like you said "it's assumed that you have at least a decent knowledge of some 3d package to be considered for work." But I can't exactly put any in my reel yet since I'm just getting more into it, that's why it's tricky. I guess I should just continue to try selling myself as a 2D animator while working on learning more 3D on the side. Also, as far as proper credit goes, are there specific spots in question? Just wondering which ones I should clarify more in the breakdown. In my mind I roughly translate it into: Concept = This was my nugget of an idea Design = I made it look like this (although sometimes within the bounds of brand guidelines) Animation = I made it move like this Compositing = Roto/Tracking/putting things together Post = Additional Color/Textures/Finishing details
  4. jayne

    2010 Reel

    Yeah, it's tricky cause I don't want to just use 3D to look flashy. I just haven't really had many projects that called for any. I do have one that ended up being having some 3D but I'm not allowed to show it yet.
  5. jayne

    2010 Reel

    Hey Rob! What are you up to these days? Freelancing around town? I just move from Seattle to the LA area (actually S. Pasadena) 2 weeks ago. LA feels huge compared to Seattle and I'm a little amazed/overwhelmed by how many motion places there are here. But it's also motivated me to update my stuff.
  6. jayne

    2010 Reel

    Hello! It's that time of year again. I just updated my reel and refreshed the portfolio site (design wise at least, I'm still trying to decide what projects to add/remove). My 2010 Reel What do you think? Favorite or least favorite shots? Looking through some of the other reels on here it seems like everyone is all about the 3D these days and realized I don't have any of that in there. Do you think that's a big deal? I've certainly played around with C4D and used it a little for some boarding purposes but I haven't really gotten in there and used it much for actually animating. I do have a personal project I'm about to start that I'm going to force myself to use C4D for so hopefully that will be a good learning experience. Anyways, thanks for looking.
  7. Hi there. I finally put together an updated reel with things I've made the past 2 years (since getting out of school and into the working world). It's a mix of some personal/experimental pieces along with some commercial work. I've also updated my site, which includes some boards and non-motion stuff as well. What do you guys think? www.seejayne.com Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi there, I just finished this music video for the song "When life gives me lemons I make lemonade" by one of my favorite bands, The Boy Least Likely To. Be warned though, I've been told that its "so adorable, it makes my ovaries weep." It's a tale of love, fear and the production of fizzy pop. You can check it out on their Vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/4339439 DK was kind enough to support me by letting me devote most of the past few weeks working on it at work as my personal project. It was a huge help considering the short timeline and super mini budget. I was also lucky to borrow Brian Cole's editing eyes, Tim Howe's roto hands, and a jean quilt made by Tim's wife, Cindy. If you're interested, my personal portfolio can be found at: www.seejayne.com Thanks for looking!
  9. jayne


    I'll be there! I'm really excited for it. I'm coming all the way from Seattle and would love to meet some people while I'm over there. I don't know that area at all either.
  10. jayne

    Hotels for offf?

    I just made reservations for the Chelsea International Hostel. I've never been there before, so I can't vouch for it yet, but a friend of a friend says it is pretty good. Also, for only $26 a night (for a 6 bed dorm) it's not too bad, especially since most of the hotels I looked at in the area were like 200-300 a night.
  11. Has anyone has been to this in the past or is anyone planning on going this year? It looks pretty neat and I'd like to go, I'm just trying to decide if it would be worth the plane ride all the way to Berlin. http://www.pictoplasma.com/motion/2007/info/index.html
  12. Thanks, it was all done in Illustrator and After Effects. I definitely agree with both of you about the movements. I'm finding the animation side of the process the hardest part to get right. Thanks for the feedback! Just curious, where are you guys getting your animation chops? Mostly just on the job?
  13. Hello I just graduated last week and I thought I'd share my senior project. Its goal is to increase teen girls' interest in computing and technology. I focused on interesting projects women are working on in an attempt to dispel stereotypes about the field and people involved. I'm coming from a heavily print based program and just getting started in motion, so I'm interested in some critiques and feedback from all you real mographers: Women in Tech Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the input, especially about the type treatment. I went back and tried to focus on that aspect the most and I think it helps quite a bit. I've uploaded the newer version at the same link above. Last night went pretty well. One of the guys suggested I have the eye actually rotate inside the socket as opposed to just drifting around, which I agree with, although I don't know how I could go about doing that with out making an actual 3d sphere to rotate. I have absolutely no 3d skills (at least, not yet). Someone mentioned a morphing technique that might work. Does anyone have other suggestions for solving that? Flipswitch: They wanted to give us a real creative brief for a real project but they were all projects that they didn't actually produce so we weren't seeing what they did on it. jaan: I agree, thinking in terms of time is one of the biggest challenges for me, especially coming from a more static print based background. Doing some more boards is a good suggestion, and I think it will help me think of things in a more time based way. But I do also want to animate because actually seeing things I've made move around is the probably the biggest draw to mograph for me. I'm planning on doing a motion based piece for my senior project next quarter and I'll be taking an animation class, so hopefully those will give me some more experience. Also, glad you like my little avatar. I'd like to do a mograph project in that style too! Most of my personal side projects are more along the lines of that, so it was especially awkward for me to be doing the dark moody horror thing but I think it was good for me.
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