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  1. Thanks guys. I'm kind of leaning toward maybe having two sites, like you're saying, AromaKat.
  2. Well, what I'm really wondering is whether I should fully brand myself as [business name] on my site. I already invoice clients and fill out paperwork using my DBA, and I have a business bank account, but I'm wondering if I should stop using my real name on my portfolio altogether. I guess, like you're saying, if I do use my business name in my branding, that doesn't prevent me from being able to introduce myself as an individual when I apply for work.
  3. Hi all. I'm curious to hear whether people think it's a bad thing to use a fictitious name on your portfolio site if you're an individual freelancer. In the past, I had always thought it was not only kind of cheesy to brand yourself as a studio if you're just one person looking to do in-house work, but it also makes you look like "the competition." Recently, though, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm doing a lot of work from home for remote clients, and for these projects I can see how using my DBA would make me look more professional. Also, my DBA includes my last name, so I'm still identifying myself. Just don't want to turn off the studios I want to work for in-house. Thoughts?
  4. No, I don't mean that it's a technique that I'm trying to use. The layer duplication is the result of copying and trying to re-paste keyframes from across multiple layers (say you were to select the mask shape keyframes from five different layers and try to re-paste them all at once), and it's what I'm trying to avoid. I'd like to have the keyframes end up back in their respective layers.
  5. Is there some trick that would allow me to copy and paste keyframes on multiple layers in After Effects without duplicating all of the layers?
  6. Good point, but some people do need the guidance and the resources. Also, some of the foundations and academic classes at SCAD were very good.
  7. I've been glued to the Apple site for months now, waiting for this update. What a let-down. I mean, seriously, no price drop? After almost a year? It really *does* make me want to buy a PC instead.
  8. Here's a resource that might be of interest to somebody heading to scad: www.scadstory.com A website for rating classes/professors. My experience at the school was pretty much along the lines of what's been said here: low standards, great facilities. The motion graphics department at the time had a pretty good balance of professors interested in formal design vs. the guys who leaned more toward experimental video and theory. I think the whole department has been uprooted since then, though. And I found myself having to adapt the curriculum by substituting required classes with classes from the graphic design and film programs in order to get what I felt I needed out of the program. This took a lot of hounding of the department chairs (plural because those guys also seem to get replaced pretty quickly). I was careful to choose professors who weren't going to let me get by with mediocre work (scadstory came in handy there). I do have to say that SCAD doesn't emphasize learning software over design. Obviously some people have the opposite impression because all sorts of people come out of the program, including a lot of people who really can't do anything other than operate a computer. However, if you have the motivation to learn, you're not going to be brought down by a lot of classes teaching you the basics of After Effects. Another point is that I haven't heard of any astounding motion graphics programs anywhere. If and when I go back for my Master's, I feel like I'll get more out of a graphic design or illustration program. Something that's a little bit more solid. The new media realm is still evolving pretty quickly...
  9. You may not need this anymore, but if you did want to try this German thing... It says you'll need the Cycore effects. You can download the demo here: http://www.cycorefx.com/cfxhddwn.php I'm not sure how the superimposed x would affect your render speed. The gist of the benchmarks instruction page is that you need to reboot your computer, start up after effects and immediately open the downloaded project file. You'll get a warning that the file's going to be converted and is read-only. It says to not mess with the time marker, otherwise your cache will be filled. Open the render queue (cmd-option-0), change the render destination, and click render. The benchmark results page (http://www.cycorefx.com/cfxhddwn.php) should be easy to decipher. Some people specified that they rendered with/without (mit/ohne) Nucleo...
  10. "I want you to find some really gritty stock [hah. hah. hah.] footage. Think edgy!" "I know it's a cliché, but other people don't use clichés the way I do."
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