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  1. mate

    MK Motion First Reel

    hey:) thanks for a tip, but It is ok, here's the whole piece of that KOKA promo. At the end there is a quick endtag and I shift it a little bit to make some interesing look and match whole footage. It may looks like something went wrong, but it's ok for me:) http://vimeo.com/15626240
  2. mate

    MK Motion First Reel

    hey! thanks for the comments:) Yep, it's from "The Hobbit", I used to watch it some time ago and I was suprised when I found that remix:)
  3. Hello, I've just finished my first reel and changed portfolio. Here it is: www.mkmotion.com
  4. mate

    Bottle Animations

    thanks! Yes, it's realflow and cinema4d for render. Compositing done in Ae.
  5. mate

    Bottle Animations

    Hi! I've just updated my portfolio with some animated transitions for product site (CINCIN). Quicktimes: http://motionomate.com/pic2/cincin.html and to see how it works, you can go: http://odkrytepragnienia.pl Any comments would be great:) Cheers!
  6. yeah! that's it:) I think it would work great for me. Thanks Gray and Steve:)
  7. Hello, I'm wondering how to do lines which are connected by dots. Something like mesh, and when I'm moving dots, lines which are connected to the dot are changing their lenght, position and rotation. Something like that: http://www.quayola.com/works/videos/190.1A.mov (at the end) http://motionographer.com/wp-content/uploa...ectearth_60.mov (endshot) or: http://www.studiodialog.com/movies/studiod...eel_2008_lg.mov at the begining, lines are connected to titles And I want to do this only in AE, any suggestions? some advanced parenting stuff?
  8. Hello there:) I have one problem with Particular and 3D ocean surface. According to Andrew's tutorial with ocean surface: http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials.html?id=28 or http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials.html?id=27 I can't get those reflection with particular, because My solid need to be 2D, Particular has it own camera settings inside so I can't simply duplicate it and manage it in 3D space. Anyone knows how to solve this? Note: I know that I can't do ocean in other 3D app, track those stuff and get nice reflection, but I wonder if it's possible to done this in ae 3d space only. cheers
  9. Hmm have you tried to render from max with alpha channel to TGA 32bit? Or maybe render out the green screen and in ae choose remove color matting. Otherwise - you may try this - go to your photoshop, start recording your action and than - (if you have your logo on white background ) choose - select color range - than select pure white, after that choose > select>modify>expand and type 1 or maybe 2 pixels, then hit delete. Choose this action to whole your frames and I think it could be it. cheers.
  10. Yes. Firstly you must take a simulation which is taking some time, than you must proceed the meshes of the particles; each mesh - one frame. Then import it to c4d and do final render. It's absorbing pretty much time - especially if you want to achieve some nice, real effects. I think that you should let this work to the freelancers but this app it's definately good. cheers.
  11. Hello I have problem with wiggle expression in AE. I've applied into a solid - position "wiggle(3,3.14)" and it's work great, but I want to move that solid only in one axis, not on the both:) anyone? cheers!
  12. mate

    Hp Concept

    this could be useful for you:) That's nice but I think that you may need to work more on tracing and lighting this stuff. Cheers
  13. Hey there:) Take a look at my new portfolio site. I will upload some new stuff from agency soon, now there are some "old" works. Anyway - feel free to comment this stuff. motionomate.com cheers!
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