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  1. Hey, Can someone tell me the name of the site which has an fake after effects render on it? I remember seeing this a while ago but can't remember the name of the site. Thanks a lot!
  2. hi! i recall I saw a reel by a german or dutch guy a year ago or so. he had a very original reel and got a lot of attention around the web. the reel was build up of motion graphics trends and made fun of them in a informative way. i think some of his work was produced at buck. do you know who's reel I'm talking about? thanks a lot!
  3. hi, could anyone tell me the name of the font used in stardust's logo? thanks
  4. Thanks man! Exactly what I needed...
  5. Hi! Just curious to know what size you guys have on your website? in pixels width x height Thanks a lot
  6. thanks man what kind of blur / plugin do you use in after effects? lens blur?
  7. thats bad news as i'm on a x64 machine.....
  8. ok, thanks man!! how is frischluft compared to the original lens blur in ae?
  9. Hi guys! Just wondering about what kind of pipeline is the way to go when rendering dof? A z-depth pass or actually turning on dof inside of maya.. I'm having the problem of not getting properly looking dof when render out an z-depth pass.. Thanks a lot
  10. Hi I'm currently pitching on a intro sequence for a TV-show and need some inspiration. The client wants that typical graphics inside live action (rotoscope the person) style. Kind of like MTVs "Life of Ryan" and "The Osbournes if you catchin' my drift. I'm just wondering if any of you guys could guide me too some good intro sequences kind of similar to the ones mentioned above
  11. Hi. Is there any function similar to "duplicate special" (in maya) in illustrator? i need to duplicate over 100 objects around a curve, and i dont have the time to duplicate it by hand! thanks a lot in advance!!
  12. Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone could break down what kind of animation technique family guy is based upon? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi guys! I have been looking all over the place for a wireless PCI adapter card for my XP x64, with no score. I have bought total of 4 cards, and neither of them were compatible. Could any of you guys recomend me a good card thats works perfectly on a 64-bit OS? Thanks a lot
  14. Hi people. I'm currently doing a t-shirt design job and need to deliver all of my files as vectors, which causes problems as I have colored in Photoshop. Is there a way to be able to color in photoshop and still send the whole thing as a vector file? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi folks. Over the past few weeks I have been getting Fatal Errors in Maya (Fatal Error. Attempting to save C://......). Not in any specific functions, it just occurs completely random. For instance, i hit polygon primitve -> cube and the error occurred. It doesn't happens every time I'm suppose to create a primitive, but occasionally.. I think there is something wrong with my gfx card (FireGL 7200) Do any of you guys happens to know what's causing the problem? Thanks a lot
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